Gretchen Gavett

Casey Anthony Trial Lawyers Speak Out About the Case's Controversial Forensics
Thirty-seven forensic experts were called during last summer's sensational murder trial. Prosecutor Jeff Ashton and defense attorney Jose Baez discuss the forensic evidence presented, and offer their opinions as to whether justice was served in the case.
April 17, 2012
Dr. Cyril Wecht: The Benefits of Forensic Credentialing
Wecht, a spokesman for one of America's largest credentialing organizations, defends the company against claims that it's a diploma mill. He says the purpose of ACFEI is education and that merely having a certificate doesn't qualify a person to be a forensic expert on the witness stand.
April 17, 2012
Judge Harry T. Edwards: How Reliable is Forensic Evidence in Court?
It can vary, says Judge Harry T. Edwards, a primary author of a landmark 2009 National Academy of Sciences report on the state of forensics. And it's this variability that's a problem at trial: "In an adversarial system, your interest is in prevailing. So you're not looking to make it easier for the other side. You're not going to find scientific truth in the adversarial process."
April 17, 2012
Can Unconscious Bias Undermine Fingerprint Analysis?
In 2004, cognitive neoroscientist Itiel Dror set out to examine whether the process of fingerprint analysis, long considered one of the most reliable forms of forensic science, can be biased by the knowledge examiners have when they attempt to find a match for prints from a crime scene. ...
April 16, 2012
James Murdoch Steps Down as Chair of BSkyB
It's the latest in a year of setbacks for News Corp.
April 3, 2012
Nick Davies: Breaking the Story that Brought Down "News of the World"
How a police officer's tip at a dinner party unraveled a British scandal: "It's a story that immediately, by fluke, takes you into not just the most powerful news organization in the country, but also the most powerful police service in the country and the most powerful political party," says Davies.
March 27, 2012
Kelvin MacKenzie: "I'm the Only One Who Will Defend Rupert Murdoch"
Described as Rupert Murdoch's "favorite editor" and known for his controversial headlines, MacKenzie worked for News Corporation for over a decade, including stints as managing editor of the New York Post and as editor of The Sun. Here's his take on why Murdoch's a "decent guy" – and why those less successful "dislike him intensely."
March 27, 2012
Mark Lewis: The Lawyer Who "Walked Into a John Grisham Novel"
"I was a small-town lawyer who suddenly ended up taking on one of the world's biggest media groups," says lawyer Mark Lewis.
March 27, 2012