Gretchen Gavett

Joe Pollock: Inside the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant
Despite a contentious relicensing battle, former Indian Point Vice President of Operations Joe Pollock insists that the plant is safe -- and that it's a boon for the environment and the local community.
January 17, 2012
How Much Electricity Does My State Generate From Nuclear?
Our state-by-state map might surprise you (especially if you live in Vermont or Connecticut).
January 17, 2012
New Evidence of Assange-Manning Link
In an interview last April with FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith, Julian Assange flatly denied that he'd ever had any contact with Bradley Manning...
December 19, 2011
Why Was President Obama Called As a Witness for WikiLeaks Suspect?
It was an off-hand comment made by the president that was caught on tape.
December 16, 2011