Jim Gilmore

Cheney's Law: gw bush and cheney
Cheney's Law
Inside the bruising closed door battles within the Bush administration over the power of the presidency and the rule of law.
October 16, 2007
From the day we got in, the plan was to get out as soon as possible. Four years later, we're still looking for an exit strategy.
June 19, 2007
1h 24m
Cheney on 9.11
The Dark Side
Investigating Vice President Cheney's role as chief architect in the war on terror and his internal war with George Tenet's CIA...
June 20, 2006
1h 24m
Iraq Prison Abuse
The Torture Question
How the post-9/11 "get-tough" policy of the U.S. government worked its way down to the cell blocks of Abu Ghraib.
October 18, 2005
An Update: John O'Neill and the 9/11 Commission
FRONTLINE's story on John O'Neill spotlights two central issues that emerged during the 9/11 Commission hearings held in the spring of 2004 investigating why the U.S. intelligence community failed to prevent the Sept. 11th terrorist attack.
April 26, 2004
CIA-FBI Cooperation -- Some Recent History
In the 1990s, attempts were made to revamp America's intelligence gathering and law enforcement agencies so that they could better respond to the threat posed by post-Cold War enemies such as Al Qaeda. The reformers, however, had to fight a deep-rooted competitiveness between the FBI and the CIA.
December 22, 2002
What If ...
A stunning example of how John O'Neill's thwarted efforts directly connect to the 9/11 commission's probe.
October 3, 2002