Josh Baker


Joshua is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and a journalist. He prides himself on creating compelling human stories. He is also the writer and host of I"M NOT A MONSTER, a 10-part podcast series for BBC Sounds.

He has won a One World Media award and received 2 Emmy nominations. Alongside these, his work has been listed for 3 Grierson awards, A One World Media Best Television Documentary, Best Feature Documentary, The Refugee Reporting Award, Best New Voice, a The Frontline Award, A Real Screen Award, and Best News and Current Affairs Programme at the Broadcast Awards in 2019.

Joshua works in a highly versatile way, often working as director, producer and cinematographer simultaneously, although from time to time has also worked with larger crews. He combines journalistic rigour with a cinematic sensibility to create work that is both accessible and in-depth. He has a track record for working with highly sensitive sources and securing specialist access with contributors that lasts for years. As well as working in the UK, he has worked substantially in hostile environments around the world.

For the past 4-years he has been investigating the story of one family's journey to the heart of ISIS in Syria, and their return to America. It aired as a one-hour special on BBC One in the UK and on PBS Frontline in the United States as well as being released as a 10-part podcast. The project brought together the two journalistic powerhouses of FRONTLINE and THE BBC to create a multi-part story across multiple platforms. Joshua is a firm believer in making a story live across multiple media to create traction and generate the greatest value for a project. Alongside this, he also made work in 2020 with Louis Theroux and Stacey Dooley that have been watched by over three million people. His Louis Theroux saw new levels of engagement across 16-35-year-old audiences, and is his Stacey Dooley was one of her highest rated films. Alongside this, he worked on a fast turnaround film on the COVID outbreak for the BBC and another for Channel 4.

He has run edits for 60/45/30/15 min films as well as adapting cuts to provide shorter stories and material for marketing, BBC NEWS, RADIO and others.


Based in the UK/Roaming

Areas of Expertise:

Multimedia storyteller working across film, audio and print. Specialising in Specialist Access - Investigations - Working in Conflict/Remote areas - Protecting Sensitive Sources - Working with Vulnerable contributors - Contributors dealing with Trauma.

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