Leila Miller

Former Tow Journalism Fellow, FRONTLINE/Columbia Journalism School Fellowships

The Russia Investigations, Explained
Russia's involvement in the election -- and whether any associates of President Trump played a role -- is now the focus of multiple investigations in Washington. Here's where each one stands.
January 3, 2018
Report: Trump to Soon Name an Ambassador to South Korea
Despite escalating tensions between the United States and North Korea, the Trump administration has nearly finished its first year in office without a permanent ambassador to South Korea, a key partner in dealing with the ongoing threat.
December 15, 2017
As "Climate Change" Fades from Government Sites, a Struggle to Archive Data
Nearly one year into the Trump presidency, a makeshift coalition is grappling with how to preserve mass amounts of federal climate information that many researchers fear is at risk.
December 8, 2017
Kim Jong-nam Carried the Antidote to the Poison that Killed Him
When the estranged half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was assassinated in a crowded Malaysian airport last February, he carried in his bag the antidote to the poison that killed him.
December 1, 2017
Pentagon Accused of Blocking Report On Child Sex Abuse By Afghan Allies
An inspector general report has found that for more than a decade, U.S. forces were not properly trained in how to report allegations of child sexual abuse by American allies in Afghanistan.
November 28, 2017
Facing a Russian Cyber Attack, Obama Officials Struggled To Respond
In interviews with FRONTLINE for the documentary "Putin's Revenge," former CIA director John Brennan and other top intelligence officials described a delicate balancing act about how to respond to the Russian threat amid a hyperpartisan political environment.
October 31, 2017
To Sway Scott Pruitt, EPA Experts Must "Hope Against Hope," Says Former Insider
Outside interests are having outsize influence over EPA chief Scott Pruitt, says Betsy Southerland, a former 30-year veteran at the EPA. What agency experts are "trying desperately to do," she says, is "hope against hope that their facts will change Scott Pruitt's mind."
October 11, 2017
America's Partisan Divide Grew Wider Than Ever in 2017
America's political divide had already reached record levels during the Obama presidency, but according to the Pew Research Center, the partisan split between Democrats and Republicans is now the widest its been in more than two decades.
October 5, 2017
U.N. Says It Will Investigate Alleged War Crimes In Yemen
The United Nations will soon dispatch a team of experts to Yemen, where two-and-a-half years of war has left more than 10,000 dead and fueled an ever-worsening humanitarian crisis.
September 29, 2017