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1.3 million local people now “food insecure," warns nonprofit Feeding Tampa Bay
Even as Florida reopens, nonprofits are warning that the number of people in need because of the coronavirus pandemic is still rising.
May 26, 2020
'The idea is to simplify': Wisconsin election officials vow major changes to absentee ballot system after chaotic spring vote
The changes follow an investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the PBS series FRONTLINE and Columbia Journalism Investigations that revealed numerous breakdowns in the state's absentee ballot system.
May 22, 2020
WATCH: COVID-19 Testing at New Mexico's TriCore Reference Labs
A look at testing for the novel coronavirus — both for those infected and for those who may have had the virus with only mild or no symptoms.
New Mexico PBS
May 22, 2020
WATCH: COVID-19 In El Paso And The U.S.-Mexico Border
Although it’s in Texas, El Paso’s proximity to New Mexico and the border with Mexico makes it an important part of the pandemic equation.
New Mexico PBS
May 22, 2020
Denver Schools Screened Fewer Students For Suicide Risk In The Time Of COVID-19
Schools in the Denver, Colorado area have been screening a lot fewer students for suicide risk with school buildings closed due to COVID-19.
May 21, 2020
Child Abuse Reports Fall in Florida, Raising Concerns about At-Risk Kids
With schools still closed because of the coronavirus, the number of abuse reports across Florida in April plummeted to about 19,000, a 40 percent drop compared with the same month last year.
Tampa Bay Times
May 21, 2020
Why More Women Than Men Contract the Coronavirus in Oklahoma
Women account for about three-fourths of all COVID-19 infections among health-care workers and in nursing homes in Oklahoma, resulting in a higher proportion of women than men overall infected across the state.
Oklahoma Watch
May 20, 2020
"You Do Everything You Can To Try And Stay Safe": Q&A On Filming On the Front Lines of COVID-19
When filmmaker Sasha Joelle Achilli filmed inside an Italian hospital dealing with an influx of COVID-19 patients, she found, "Everybody was super open, really warm. I guess they really wanted to document what they were going through."
May 19, 2020
“By a Hair”: The Precarious Fight Against COVID-19 in Cremona, Italy
Italian nurse Cristina Pilati describes the worst moment of her hospital's fight against COVID-19 in the city of Cremona.
May 19, 2020
18 Years Old and on a Ventilator With COVID-19
While the coronavirus pandemic has been particularly lethal for people who are elderly, youth doesn’t guarantee protection against becoming critically ill. The story of an intubated 18-year-old in a new FRONTLINE documentary drives that point home.
May 19, 2020
“I’m Very Scared”: A 30-Year-Old Mom Confronts the Coronavirus, as Doctors Are Forced to Make Life-and-Death Choices
Scenes from an unprecedented new FRONTLINE documentary filmed inside an Italian hospital show the wrenching battle against COVID-19 up close.
May 18, 2020