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COVID-19 in America

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Will A COVID-19 Vaccine Meet Resistance in Oklahoma?
When a coronavirus vaccine becomes available in the United States, the federal government and states will face a crucial choice: Should all or most residents be required to get the vaccine?
Oklahoma Watch
May 15, 2020
These Seniors Are At Risk For COVID-19. They Also Crew Sun City Center Ambulances.
With an average age of 72, Sun City Center Emergency Squad’s all volunteer 911 ambulance service is still on the road, even during a pandemic.
Tampa Bay Times
May 13, 2020
Florida Nursing Homes Unprepared for Emergencies Like the Coronavirus, Audit Finds
Florida wasn't the only state to fall short. Federal audits of nursing homes in New York, California, Texas and Missouri revealed a similar number of nursing home failures.
May 7, 2020
WATCH: Colorado Faith Leaders Reflect on Ministering to the Dying in a Pandemic
Four faith leaders shared their experiences ministering to the sick and the dying in the time of coronavirus. They described experiences that were painful but also strengthened their faith.
Rocky Mountain PBS
May 5, 2020
In Oklahoma, Shift to Distance Learning Highlights Stark Inequity in Students’ Internet Connection
Teachers have tried to reach students through phone calls, emails and letters. Despite the efforts, some students didn’t respond.
May 5, 2020
WATCH: Denver's Top Prosecutor Warns of Scams Circulating During COVID-19 Pandemic
Denver’s top prosecutor said her office is hearing complaints about fraudulent offers to help people get their federal economic impact checks faster.
Rocky Mountain PBS
April 28, 2020
Oklahoma Nursing Homes, Where COVID-19 Cases Abound, Struggle to Find Protective Equipment
Nearly a month after the state’s first nursing home residents died of COVID-19, many of Oklahoma’s long-term care facilities are struggling to find enough gowns and other protective equipment needed to prevent infections.
April 24, 2020
Businesses Closed By COVID-19 Restrictions Now Targeted By Burglars
Denver police crime data through April 20 showed 139 reported burglary incidents at businesses this month so far, surpassing the total of 98 incidents for the entire month of April one year ago.
Rocky Mountain PBS
April 23, 2020
Internet Child Exploitation Tips Skyrocket During Coronavirus Shutdown
With Colorado’s schools shut down and sports cancelled, many children and teenagers are spending a lot more time online during coronavirus stay-at-home orders. That’s a big concern for one of Colorado’s top internet child exploitation investigators.
April 21, 2020
As Gun Sales Spike in Colorado Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak, Experts Worry about Suicide Risk
An emergency room physician and a gun shop owner, who advocate together for suicide prevention, say they are concerned a recent increase in gun sales in Colorado could leave more people at risk for suicide.
April 17, 2020
WATCH: COVID-19 In Southern New Mexico
A conversation with a reporter who has been covering the COVID-19 public health crisis in some of Southern New Mexico’s smaller towns.
New Mexico PBS
April 17, 2020