GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: the Near/Middle East
August 20, 1993: Israel and the PLO sign the Declaration of Principles (Oslo Accords).

The agreement reached in Oslo outlines an Israeli redeployment from parts of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip and the establishment of a provisional Palestinian self-rule government. The two sides agree to recognize one another publicly. The U.S. hosts a ceremony at which the Declaration of Principles, also called the Oslo Accords, is signed on September 13.

PBS Enduring Conflict /july-dec01/enduringconflict_11- 8.html

NewsHour discusses peacemaking efforts in the Middle East with Nabil Shaath, minister of planning and international cooperation for the Palestinian National Authority; and Ephraim Sneh, Israel's minister of transportation.

PBS Series: Summing Up

Dennis Ross, special Middle East coordinator at the State Department, talks about his role in the peace process. (January 2000)

PBS Troubled Land /july-dec00/land.html

NewsHour speaks with Israeli foreign minister Shlomo Ben-Ami about the Middle East crisis. (Novermber 2000)

PBS The Evolution of Islamic Terrorism /shows/target/etc/modern.html

Frontline addresses the rise and spread of militant Islamic groups from the late 1960s to today.

WWW How U.S. Clout in the Arab World Sank So Low

The seeming weakness of U.S. muscle perceived by its friends and allies in the area comes from years of disuse.

WWW Avalon Project: Israel-Palestine Liberation Organization Agreement: 1993

The text of the 1993 Israel-Palestine Liberation Organization Agreement