GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: the Near/Middle East
June 26, 1993: The U.S. bombs Baghdad, Iraq.

The U.S. bombs Iraqi intelligence headquarters after a report that the Iraqis have planned to assassinate former president George Bush on his trip to Kuwait in April 1993.

PBS Looking for Answers: Interviews: Jeffrey Smith /shows/terrorism/interviews/smith .html

Frontline interviews Jeffrey Smith, former general counsel of the CIA, about certain intelligence regulations.

PBS Gunning for Saddam: Interviews: R. James Woolsey /shows/gunning/interviews/woolsey .html

Frontline interviews R. James Woolsey, an attorney and former director of the CIA who labels U.S. policy on Iraq over the past 10 years "feckless." (October 2001)

PBS Gunning for Saddam: Interviews: Laurie Mylroie /shows/gunning/interviews/mylroie .html

Frontline interviews Laurie Mylroie, the author of two books on Saddam Hussein, about Iraqi intelligence's involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

PBS Gunning for Saddam: Analyses: Is Saddam America's Greatest Terrorist Threat? /shows/gunning/analyses/ishe.html

This mix of views on Saddam Hussein adds up to the specter of a revenge-seeking, destruction-addicted dictator who had -- and may have again -- an arsenal of biochemical weapons he is more than likely ready to use.

PBS Gunning for Saddam: Analyses: American's First Priority Should Be Osama bin Laden /shows/gunning/analyses/obl.html

Experts point to the political and military challenges in launching an offensive against Iraq.