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The MASTERPIECE Trust—a collaborative initiative between MASTERPIECE’S producer GBH Boston and PBS stations nationwide—provides the opportunity for individual donors and families who care deeply about the series to help provide for its future in a substantial way while also supporting their local PBS stations.

MASTERPIECE is at a pivotal point in its storied history; the series now competes with prominent television networks to maintain its time-honored role in bringing the highest quality actors, producers, and scripts to American audiences. To sustain this celebrated place in homes across the nation and confidently succeed in this newly competitive market, the series needs the support of the MASTERPIECE Trust all the more.

“Funding of high-quality, first-rate, award-winning drama has become a significant challenge in recent years. We believe that MASTERPIECE has earned the respect and loyalty of its audience over 40 wonderful years, and hope that our dedicated viewers will help us keep the legacy alive. Your support through the MASTERPIECE Trust will ensure that our series remains a vital part of the television landscape for years to come.”
— Rebecca Eaton, Executive Producer-at-Large

With your help, the MASTERPIECE Trust can secure the future of superb British drama by providing the resources required to invest upfront in the development of new scripts and programs, and grow the series both on-air and online.

Current donors to the MASTERPIECE Trust include:
Darlene Marcos Shiley
The Conrad Prebys Foundation

and the following

The Ausolus Trust
Beatrix Barr
Laureen Bickel
Dorothy Chanin
Barbara Cohn
Ann and George Colony 
Frederick Benenson in Memory of Dorothy Cullman
Leslie N. (Les) Daley
Dr. Elias and Wendy Dickerman
Grace and Ted Fey
GAT Family Foundation
Carol and John Fox
Susan H. Grant
Ann and Graham Gund
Soon Han and Gary Smith
The Ann Harder Charitable Foundation
Steve and Sue Hart
Margaret and Will Hearst
Richard Herzfeld in Memory of Ellen Cannon
Kit Howard
Elise Jaffe and Jeffrey Brown
Thomas P. Jalkut
Kathleen and Chris Mara through the Kathleen and Chris Mara Family Trust
Jane and Jeffrey Marshall
David and Louise Martin
Cherie Martinez
Jeanine L. Matte
Claudette Mayer
Cokie and Lee Perry
Lynne R. Pickens
William and Helen Pounds
Liz and Bob Pozen
Melinda and James Rabb
Louise C. Riemer
Howard and Suze Rubin
Susan R. Shapiro
C. Schroeder
Jacqueline Slater
George D. Smith Fund, Inc.
David Taplin
Bina Thompson
Katherine Todd
Carol Vassiliadis
Roger and Lynn Van Vreede through the Roger and Lynn Van Vreede Charitable Fund
Linda Clark Walterreit
J. David Wimberly

Contact Us:

If you are interested in supporting the MASTERPIECE Trust with a gift of $25,000 or more, please contact Jessica Connolly, Director of Major Gifts at or 617-300-3812.

If you are interested in including the MASTERPIECE Trust in your estate plans, please contact the Office of Gift Planning & Endowment at or (800) 220-7122.

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