Season 4 | Episode 4: The Gift of Promise

  • Re-aired 9/2/2012
  • Preview: 0:31 | CC

Program no longer available for streaming

Local businesswoman and aspiring blackmailer Andrea De Ritter asks former MI5 chief Grace Orde to sign her new memoir, Lies and Secrets, to “Leon.” She adds a cryptic note of her own — “Who killed Mary?” — then dispatches the book to her intended blackmail victim, Leon Suskind. But it is Andrea who becomes the victim…of murder. Deciphering Andrea’s puzzling inscription and Lies and Secrets’ connection to Leon is no easy task for Lewis and Hathaway, whose suspects include everyone from gifted children to gifted liars. “Some secrets stay secret,” the former spy chief tells Lewis. But as the murderer strikes again and again, poisoning and stabbing in protection of a dangerous secret, Lewis is forced to take on nothing less than the British Secret Service itself. Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox and Anna Chancellor (Pride & Prejudice) star in “The Gift of Promise.”

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