Season 2 | Episode 1: Faceless Killers

  • Aired 10/3/2010
  • Preview: 1:08 | CC

Program no longer available for streaming

An elderly couple is brutally assaulted in their rural farmhouse. As Swedish inspector (Kenneth Branagh) arrives at the horrific scene, he holds the old woman as she dies, shouting to her one final, urgent question — “Who did this?” She sounds out something that could be “farmer” or maybe “foreigner.” But is Wallander reading into it? Is he swayed by his struggle to relate to his daughter’s new boyfriend of Syrian descent? The press takes hold of the foreigner angle, inciting swift and deadly retribution against local migrant workers. But there is more to the case — a potential mistress, a lost son and a large sum of money. Wallander’s inquiry takes him deep into his own damaged psyche, forcing him to examine and question his own motives before he can even begin to understand those of a killer. Faceless Killers is based on the novel by international bestseller Henning Mankell. (One episode; 90 minutes, TV-PG)

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