Season 3 | Episode 1: An Event in Autumn

  • Aired 9/9/2012
  • Preview: 0:30 | CC

Program no longer available for streaming

Swedish inspector Kurt Wallander (Kenneth Branagh) is finally happy. He’s making a fresh start, moving into his new home with his girlfriend, Vanja, and even, quite possibly, getting a new ringtone. But before he has a chance, his phone issues its chilling ring; the remains of young woman who disappeared from a ferry have washed ashore.

The brutality of his world has intruded, and despite his panicked efforts to expunge it, tracking down a violent former resident of his house, he only makes things horrifyingly, heartbreakingly, worse. Can the corpse in his yard be connected to the remains of the other young woman? And can Wallander ever recover from his colossal misstep and its devastating cost?

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