Season 3 | Episode 2: The Dogs of Riga

  • Aired 9/16/2012
  • Preview: 0:30 | CC

Program no longer available for streaming

A life raft floats into Ystad harbor, the corpses of two tortured Latvian men grimly nestled within. For Kurt Wallander (Kenneth Branagh), investigating the gruesome murders proves challenging when the stoic Latvian inspector Karlis Liepa arrives from Riga and reveals nothing. But just as there’s more to the life raft than meets the eye, there is more to Liepa and his secretive investigation.

When another gangland assassination occurs, it is Wallander who this time crosses the Baltic for answers. But Liepa’s colleagues in the police force have only questions: Where is Liepa’s report? Where is his file? Immersed in post-Soviet crime and corruption, under surveillance and under threat, Wallander doesn’t know whom he can trust in his dangerous struggle to shine light on the shadowy thugs dominating the nascent democracy.

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