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The brilliant, passionate defense barrister Martha Costello, who lives by the “innocent until proven guilty” credo in her defense of the poor and downtrodden, is in the competition of her life. She’s applied to be appointed Queen’s Counsel – one of the most prestigious accomplishments in an English lawyer’s career – a process known as “taking Silk.” To be unswervingly principled is difficult enough; but Martha’s rival, charming and ruthless Clive Reader, is also in competition for QC. And only one of them will succeed.
In three episodes of six high-stakes cases, Maxine Peake and Rupert Penry-Jones (Persuasion, The Thirty-Nine Steps) star in Peter Moffat’s riveting legal drama about the political and personal intrigues, and the hard cases, facing top barristers in the criminal law courtrooms and chambers contemporary London.

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