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The cases are open and the MASTERPIECE Mystery! season is in full swing, so now is the perfect time to sign up for our new limited-series email newsletter, the MASTERPIECE Mystery! Insider.

When you sign up to receive our new limited series Insider newsletter, you’ll be plunged into the world of MASTERPIECE Mystery! with a full lineup that goes beyond the usual suspects: mystery series news; interviews with series cast, producers, and authors; trivia and quizzes, dives into mystery genres, looks back through the years of MASTERPIECE Mystery! and more. When the mystery season ends, we’ll close the case and file away the newsletter—you won’t hear from us again unless new evidence (like breaking Mystery! news, events, or broadcasts) surfaces.

We’ll also catch you up with back issues so that you can enjoy exclusive MASTERPIECE Mystery! content you may have missed. Watch your inbox once you sign up for those emails.

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