Celebrate the Moms of MASTERPIECE: Shows to Binge Now

Moms: they get mocked for their jeans, their dancing, and their texts. But motherhood is one of the toughest jobs out there, and moms deserve our collective gratitude for their sacrifices, their love, and for just doing the best that they can. In this spirit, we’ve rounded up several mothers from our recent shows who demonstrate why moms are true masterpieces! Celebrate the moms of MASTERPIECE alongside your own, with PBS Passport, an added member benefit.

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    Fantine, Les Misérables

    When Fantine was dreaming a dream, she never envisioned the nightmare she would later endure. But probably, neither could she ever imagine the all-consuming love she would have for her daughter, Cosette, and how she would sacrifice everything for her. As Lily Collins, Fantine in Les Misérables, told MASTERPIECE,  “this idea of seeking love and wanting to fight for love…and being this beacon of light and hope for generations to come, that’s something I think maybe we all can strive for. Even if your time on this earth is short, your legacy can live on.” Merci, Fantine!

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    Alison Wilson, Mrs. Wilson

    All families have their stories and secrets. But it was up to Alison Wilson to prevent her family and her world from being torn apart as she unraveled her husband’s shocking secrets, one at a time. She strove to protect her children from her discoveries, and ruled her house with a fitting “Keep Calm and Carry On” spirit, all the while keeping her faith and carrying her investigations forward.

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    Marmee, Little Women

    In today’s vernacular, Little Women‘s Marmee would be more “free range mom” than “helicopter parent,” and that’s alright with us—Marmee lets her girls fail in order to learn, she encourages them to be grateful for what they have and make sacrifices for those with less, and she nurtures them to follow their passions. Remember that time in life when you thought your mother was the most wonderful, brave, and wise person in all the world? That’s Marmee, forever.

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    Queen Victoria, Victoria

    She had nine children. Nine! And while she was, famously, no fan of infants, this working mom maintained a dedicated and close (though complicated) relationship with her children throughout their lives. Queen Victoria got a bad reputation as a cold and unkind mother for several reasons: she refused to breastfeed; her postpartum depression was misunderstood; and her letters were edited by men, who found female subject matter “tiresome” and therefore not worthy of inclusion. In deeply studying Victoria’s diaries, Victoria writer and creator Daisy Goodwin sheds new light on Victoria as a mom who refuses to sacrifice her entire identity to the pursuit of perfection in children who were, after all, just human.

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    Louisa Durrell, The Durrells in Corfu

    Of all our MASTERPIECE moms, Louisa Durrell feels most contemporary. Is it because she’s fallible, discombobulated, in over her head? Or because she resents aging, wants love, and can’t bear that her children are growing up and away? Whatever the reason, Louisa Durrell—part mama bear, part circus ringleader—is always striving (though not always succeeding) to be the best mother she can be. To that, we can only say “Yamas!”

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    Demelza Poldark, Poldark

    Demelza has known the greatest loss a parent can experience, losing a child. But Julia’s tragic death didn’t close off Demelza’s heart; rather, she dared to love a child again, with the ferocity she brings to everything she does, from kneading dough to confronting George Warleggan. And while we don’t see a lot of mother-and-child scenes with Jeremy or Clowance and Demelza, we know she sings them beautiful lullabies, mothers them with tenderness, and leaves them in Prudie’s capable hands while she dashes off to rescue Ross from yet another scrape with the law!

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