What to Expect in Endeavour Season 7

Shaun Evans and Roger Allam in Endeavour Season 7 on Masterpiece on PBS
Find out all about Endeavour Season 7 as seen on MASTERPIECE on PBS! Did Shaun Evans direct an Endeavour Season 7 episode? Will Joan Thursday return? Get answers and get ready when you learn about the new locations, the new decade, and the three new episodes that bring murder and Morse back to Oxford.

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    Watch the Official Season 7 Trailer!

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    Shaun Evans News

    Shaun Evans as Morse in Endeavour Season 7 on Masterpiece on PBS

    Fans who enjoyed Evans’ stint as director of Season 6’s Apollo will be thrilled to learn that he’s back behind the camera, as well as in front, in Season 7’s opener, Oracle! Not making a return this season is Morse’s impressive Season 6 mustache, left in the ’60s as time marches on in Endeavour‘s new season and new decade: the 1970s.

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    Cast & Characters

    Stephanie Leonidas as Violetta in Endeavour Season 7 on Masterpiece on PBS

    The will-they-won’t-they, hot and cold relationship between Endeavour Morse and Joan Thursday lands solidly in the “won’t” category for Season 7, as Joan doesn’t appear in the season, for a happy reason: actress Sara Vickers’ baby was due during the season’s filming. But fear not, fans, this doesn’t mean that Endeavour will be spending his nights alone…(hint: see image above)

    Otherwise, the old Cowley team and their near and dear will all return for Season 7. Morse, Thursday, Strange, and Bright are back in control reunited at Castle Gate CID; Dorothea Frazil is unearthing the scoops; and Dr. Max DeBryn is dispensing corpse-side literary references with his unique blend of wit and gravity.

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    All in the Family

    Roger Allam as DCI Fred Thursday in Endeavour Season 7 on Masterpiece on PBS

    Did you know that the Endeavour Season 7 cast includes family members of various series stars? In Raga, Roger Allam (DCI Fred Thursday) stars alongside not just one family member, but two: his wife, Rebecca Saire (Mrs. Radowicz) and their son, William Allam (Gary Rogers).

    In Oracle, fan-favorite Dorothea Frazil (played by Abigail Thaw) meets a young organizer of a women’s rights event, Sally Alexander. This character is played by Thaw’s daughter, Molly-Mae Whitmey, but what makes it both confusing and extra delightful is the fact that this character is based on the activist Sally Alexander, who in real life is Abigail Thaw’s mother…and who was married to actor John Thaw, Abigail’s father and the actor who played Endeavour Morse in the long-running Morse series!

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    New Location

    Shaun Evans as Morse in Endeavour Season 7 on Masterpiece on PBS

    Every Endeavour fan worth their salt knows of the Bridge of Sighs (actually, the Hertford Bridge) in Oxford. But in the new season of Endeavour, Morse makes a visit to home of the original Bridge of Sighs, Venice, ringing in the new year at the opera. Shaun Evans, who directed the episode, describes Venice, saying, “It’s not unlike Oxford, in as much as you can put the camera anywhere and it looks beautiful, but it’s got something very special about it; it’s timeless, a mysterious place as well.” Mysterious, indeed…

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    Endeavour Season 7 Episodes

    Shaun Evans and Roger Allam in Endeavour Season 7 on Masterpiece on PBS

    Endeavour Season 7 brings three new mysteries, all connected in a larger storyline, to MASTERPIECE!

    In Oracle  (Episode 1), a murder on an Oxford towpath sets Thursday investigating while Morse celebrates the new year at an opera in Venice.

    In Raga (Episode 2), a delivery man goes missing and two rival gangs clash in the shadow of a divisive election and a troubling distance between Morse and Thursday.

    In Zenana (Episode 3), what appears to be an accidental death at a women’s college reveals a potential connection between a series of incidents and a larger mystery that only Endeavour can untangle…and try to survive.

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