Shaun Evans on Endeavour Season 8

Shaun Evans as Endeavour Morse as seen on MASTERPIECE on PBS

Shaun Evans reveals exciting news about Endeavour Season 8 and what he’s most looking forward to upon returning to set. Get the details in MASTERPIECE’s conversation with the actor from July, 2020, and keep up with Endeavour news as it breaks when you subscribe to the MASTERPIECE email newsletter!


Will there be a Season Eight of Endeavour?

Shaun Evans:

Well, the world’s such a strange place at the moment. There is a plan for there to be a Season Eight—we should have been shooting that now, really. But already it’s been pushed back until next year, which, to be honest, I think is a blessing. First and foremost, we’re very lucky to have the opportunity to return and do any more, especially at this late in the game… so the fact that it has been pushed until next year only gives us more time to perfect [it], which can only be a good thing. But yes, in short, there will—fingers crossed, God willing, all being well—be a Season Eight.


What are you most looking forward to, once you’re able to start making Endeavour again?

Shaun Evans:

For me, it’s such an immersive experience, the whole thing, from start to finish, because I produce it and also direct it, and obviously, I’m in virtually every scene. The whole thing is immersive, and even when we’re not shooting, I’m cutting together the episode that I’ve directed, or we’re talking about story for the next one. And that’s what I love, really. I’m looking forward to seeing the people, the family that we’ve created that’s both in front of and behind the camera, and being able to really pick apart—with people who are often times much brighter than I—what the best way is to tell these stories in the most satisfying way.

Because when the six or seven months that the job takes, is done and I emerge back into the world, I always feel that I’ve really learned something from experience. Sometimes you learn things from your own shortcomings, or having made [mistakes], and that’s as incredible. So every facet of it is so involved that I really look forward to it, to just jumping right in. And then obviously having fun while you’re acting on set. That’s joyous.


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