Episode 2 Recap

Flesh and Blood Episode 2 treated us to a Spanish surprise, a sneaky steal, a nightmarish setup, a fiery carbeque and more! Now, let’s recap all the delicious drama to establish what we know, what we don’t know, and what we suspect!

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    Episode 2: We Have Burning Questions!

    Francesca Annis and Stephen Rea in Flesh and Blood episode 2 on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    What We Know
    When the detective interrogates Natalie, we learn that the (accident? crime?) occurred during a celebration, and that the victim has gone into surgery.

    What We Don’t Know
    The victim’s identity remains a mystery…as does their prognosis for survival!

  2. 2.

    Vivien: Blushing Bride

    Francesca Annis in Flesh and Blood on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    What We Know
    Vivien is selling the house, much to her kids’ disappointment, as she wants to move on and make a fresh start. She and Mark have booked a six-week trip to India and a trip to Spain to meet Mark’s daughter. But instead, they end up getting married in Gibralter. Upon returning home, Vivien explains to her shocked kids that the quickie wedding was mostly a matter of practicality, in light of her health scare and the upcoming trip to India.

    What We Don’t Know
    Was the marriage actually her idea? Has she made any provisions about her estate?

  3. 3.

    Mark: Spanish Fly

    What We Know
    Continuing what Jake calls his “charm offensive,” Mark buys Vivien a red vintage MG sports car as an early birthday present, insisting it’s not too extravagant. In Spain, he learns that his daughter can’t meet them after all. He suggests they go to Gibralter, where he discovers that several of his (erectile dysfunction) pills are missing. At the family bonfire back at home, he returns to the house to get their steaks started, and discovers that the car is on fire!

    What We Don’t Know
    Did Mark’s daughter really cancel on them, and was he really even talking to her on the phone, or just faking it? Pursuing Mary’s line of inquiry, just how did Mark pay for the sports car, anyway? And did he start the fire?

  4. 4.

    Mary: Pilfering Pills

    What We Know
    In talking to the detective, Natalie reveals that Mary had a baby boy around the same time that Jake was born, but he died, and later, her husband walked out on her. In a painful moment, Mary overhears Vivien exclaiming to her kids, “I do not want to end up like Mary next door!” Later, she snoops around Vivien’s empty house, and rummaging through Mark’s bag, finds a package of pills. She pockets a few along with the information insert, which identifies it as erectile dysfunction medication. While Vivien and Mark are away, she subtly undermines Mark to the kids and plants questions in their heads, noting to Helen that he was there when Vivien got sick; insinuating to Jake that Mark may be supporting his lifestyle on credit; and asking Natalie how Mark’s first wife died. But she soon learns that Vivien has married Mark, and curled up alone on her bed, she sobs.

    What We Don’t Know
    Did she set the car on fire?

  5. 5.

    Jake: Follow These Simple Steps

    What We Know
    Jake signs Stella’s contract for three personal training sessions a week and two “massages in lieu of rent. But she throws in some advice for free, telling Jake the simple way to get Leila back: apologize, showing true remorse; ask Leila how she’s feeling, and listen to her answer; and tell her that he misses her (not the kids, just her). He takes the advice but blows it when he accuses Leila of having an affair, then grabs her by the arm when she tries to leave.

    What We Don’t Know
    Did Jake jeopardize his relationship with Stella by callously referring to it as “work”? Is Leila getting serious about someone else? And will she find out about his arrangement with Stella?

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    Helen: Couples Therapy

    What We Know
    Helen is concerned that Meera is dangerous, and wants security to be on high alert, but her colleague seems more concerned about Helen’s stress levels than about Meera. In couples therapy, Helen and George are working through their problems and lack of intimacy. But George, having a solo drink at the pub, doesn’t know that the friendly woman chatting him up is Meera, who has sought him out to set him up and destroy Helen’s marriage as revenge for the layoff. When George’s photo appears on Lily’s social feed with the caption “NEW BOYFRIEND ALERT! He’s great in bed!” Lily runs away to Natalie’s and confides in her aunt that her dad is cheating on her mom. Helen confronts George at therapy, and when he denies it, she doesn’t believe him. She returns home to an empty house and starts drinking.

    What We Don’t Know
    Will Helen find out that George is innocent and Meera is behind the setup? And is she in danger?

  7. 7.

    Natalie: Road Rage

    What We Know
    Tony asks Natalie to take off work for a week and sit tight, to give him time to make some big decisions about her pregnancy and his future. But she can’t stay away, and trespasses onto his property to spy on him frolicking with his wife and kids at their pool. Carla, his wife, spots her hiding in the bushes and Natalie ducks down. But later, while she’s driving along a country road, a car aggressively speeds up to her, swerves dangerously close and intentionally, nearly runs her off the road. It’s Carla, Tony’s wife!

    What We Don’t Know
    Is Tony going to cut Natalie loose? And is Carla trying to kill her?

  8. 8.

    What We Suspect

    We have two suspects for the car-torching: it was either “Don’t let the headband fool you” neighbor Mary, enraged that Mark has stolen her friend away, or big-spender Mark, running an insurance scam, or simply further tightening his grip on Vivien through terror. Carbeque aside, our suspicion that Mark is not all that he seems has deepened. And while the revelation of Mary’s backstory has engendered our sympathy for her, we still can’t help but wish that Vivien would invest in an alarm system, or at very least, a lock for her front door! And in addition to this sinister duo, two other characters have proven themselves to be slightly terrifying: Meera and Carla. Could one of them be the perpetrator of our still-unknown crime?


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