Episode 3 Recap

The drama and thrills of Flesh and Blood Episode 3 are delightfully, agonizingly ratcheting up with suspicious medications, disturbing revelations about Mark’s past, a shocking confession, and more. How will it all end? Here’s what we know, what we don’t know, and what we suspect!

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    Episode 3: End of An Era

    Stephen Rea and Francesca Annis in Flesh and Blood Episode 3 on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    What We Know
    We learn from the detective they’re awaiting toxicology reports for “the patient,” who is still unconscious. As Episode 3 sees Jake being questioned, we can add him to the short list of other witnesses who definitely aren’t the victim, Mary and Natalie. When he’s asked about Vivien’s relationship with Mark, Jake coolly states that it’s not his business, but he’s slightly flustered when the detective notices his cut and bruised hand. At the end of the episode, we catch a glimpse of what’s to come: Mark punching Jake at the birthday celebration.

    The most explosive news we’ve gotten (in fact, Jake is calling you right now!) is that Mark’s first wife died from a “self-administered” overdose, and there was an inquest around her death where her best friend testified that she hadn’t been depressed, and that Mark stood to benefit financially from her death!

    What We Don’t Know
    In addition to still not knowing who “the patient” is, we now don’t know if Mark killed his first wife…and if he’s planning to kill Vivien! Also, what’s going to go down at the birthday celebration?

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    Vivien: All Clear?

    Francesca Annis in Flesh and Blood on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    What We Know
    Vivien is relieved that her test results are all clear. During a personal training session with Jake, she tells him to stop being so suspicious when he asks if she’s ever spoken to, or even seen a picture of, Mark’s daughter. Nevertheless, when she asks Mark to show her a picture, she’s not entirely reassured by his reason for not having one. Plus, she’s begun to feel uneasy about her upcoming trip to India, telling Mark that she’s worried about being away from the kids for six weeks. At the end of a run, she lies down on the beach, staring at the sky and seeming distressed. She invites Mary to her upcoming birthday drinks, explaining that her description of the celebration as “only family” of course includes her. She returns home to dodge Mark’s kiss and bristle at his smothering attentions.

    What We Don’t Know
    Is she having nostalgia, or second thoughts?

  3. 3.

    Mark: Vile Vial?

    What We Know
    With Vivien’s clean bill of health, the India trip is on, and along with his blue shirt and his first aid kit, Mark makes sure to pack a vial of a mysterious liquid. He can’t get away from Mary fast enough—barely hiding his annoyance at her surprise visits, he’s taken to shooting her sinister glares, and even repairs a broken fence between the two properties to keep her out. He and Vivien visit a lawyer, presumably to change their wills now that they’re married. And that lawyer is Stella!

    Sensing Vivien slightly pulling away, he gives her some space. But not before making her a refreshing drink…with a mysterious brown bottle nearby as he makes it!

    What We Don’t Know
    Is Mark now Vivien’s sole beneficiary?What’s in the vial that he packed for India? Did he spike Vivien’s drink with the other mysterious bottle’s contents? Is he a threat Mary? And why does he punch Jake in the flash-forward of the birthday celebration?

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    Mary: She's Sew Nosy!

    Imelda Staunton in Flesh and Blood on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    What We Know
    Feeling nostalgic about Vivien selling the house, Mary goes through her box of treasures—drawings and cards—from the kids’ childhoods. She pops over to share one particular painting, and snooping in the house, with Vivien out and Mark in the shower, she spitefully swipes a glass bottle of cologne to shatter on the bathroom floor, then disappears before an unnerved Mark can see her. Later, she delivers the picture to Vivien (lying about where she’d gotten it) and takes the opportunity to console Vivien about the kids’ dislike of Mark. On her way out, she offers to drop off some bags that Vivien intends to bring to the charity shop. But instead, she keeps them, dumping them out and gleefully sorting them. Before long, she’s cutting and sewing. She seems to have the upper hand with Mark, meeting his growing animus with superficial sunshine and telling him, in response to his fence-building, “Don’t worry about me, because I can always get in round the front.” She is even invited to Vivien’s birthday celebration, a gesture that overwhelms her with emotion.

    What We Don’t Know
    Is Mary’s sewing project crafty or creepy? And is she a threat to Mark, to Vivien, or to herself?

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    Jake: Sleuthing with Stella

    Russell Tovey in Flesh and Blood on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    What We Know
    Stella helps Jake write a perfect letter to Leila in an attempt to repair the damage of their last talk. It works; Leila is touched and even reveals that she’s not interested in the other guy. He calls Stella to let her know that things with Leila went really well. She says she’s happy for him, but she doesn’t look happy…

    With all the positive feedback Jake is getting, he starts telling people that he’s seeing a “therapist kind of person.” That person, Stella, is also a lawyer, and when she meets her clients Vivien and Mark, she secretly shares with Jake some disturbing information about Mark’s first wife. Together, they dig up an article about an inquest around the first wife’s death, where her friend testified that she hadn’t been depressed, and that Mark stood to benefit financially from her death. Jake runs with this information, alerting his siblings to his suspicion that Mark intends to murder their mother.

    What We Don’t Know
    Is Stella falling for Jake, and could a potential reconciliation between Jake and Leila sever their business arrangement (his living arrangements)? Will Leila find out that the “therapist kind of person” is actually a special kind of client? And what are he and Mark fighting about in the flash-forward? How does he hurt his hand?

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    Helen: Home Alone

    Claudie Blakley in Flesh and Blood on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    What We Know
    Helen is miserable with both Lily and George gone. But when George describes the supposed other woman and Helen realizes that he was set up by Meera, she ignores the damage done by her accusations, and instead of trying to repair things with him, she unsuccessfully tries to convince her colleague to take the matter to the police. She has an unsatisfactory confrontation with Meera at her home, where Helen finds her packing up to move, because as an unemployed widow, she can’t afford the rent. Helen then apologizes to Lily, telling her daughter that she’s more important than her job. But in therapy, right as George is confessing how he feels, Helen’s phone blows up with urgent messages from Jake, so she interrupts him and leaves the session to take the call. Furious, he leaves. She later admits to Natalie that she doesn’t appreciate what she’s got.

    What We Don’t Know
    Is Meera done with Helen, or does she have more up her sleeve? And is it too late for Helen to make things right with George?

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    Natalie: Pregnant Pause

    Lydia Leonard in Flesh and Blood on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    What We Know
    Unsure about Tony’s affections and plans, she asks him if he still loves his wife, and gets a cagey answer. Before long, she’s spying on him with his family again, but this time, it’s through a lens of guilt, as she doesn’t feel good about splitting up the family. She cuts him off, avoiding his calls and leaving his messages unanswered. Finally, she meets up with him to end things. She reveals that she never was pregnant—she’d thought she would get pregnant, and hoped for it, but is horrified that this affair has made her a person who would lie about it. Heartbroken, she seeks out Helen for comfort, and admits to her sister that she wants what she can’t have.

    What We Don’t Know
    Is it over between Natalie and Tony for good? And will this keep her safe from road-raging Carla?

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    What We Suspect

    Flesh and Blood Episode 3 on MASTERPIECE on PBS
    Norman's Bay, Kent Coast

    While Mary continues to be slightly, sinisterly unhinged, signs now point to Mark as our series’ villain. True, Jake disliked and suspected him from the start, but now that Stella (who seems like the only reasonable person out of them all) is concerned, I’m convinced. But who our victim—and our perpetrator—are remain to be seen!


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