Get Ready for Grantchester Season 7

Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your neighbors…Grantchester Season 7 is here! We’ve got everything you should know about the newest season, including where we pick back up with our favorite characters, all the ways you can watch new (and old) episodes, and details on how directing went for a certain leading man. Strap on those helmets — it’s about to be another thrilling ride!

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    When Did it Premiere and How Can I Watch?

    Season 7 officially premiered on Sunday, July 10 at 9/8c on MASTERPIECE on PBS, kicking off a season with six all-new episodes.

    See episodes of the new season each Sunday night  at 9/8c, July 10-August 14, 2022. Watch on air or stream the Season 7 episodes online (available to U.S. viewers).  Enjoy all the episodes of Season 7 when you watch with PBS Passport (available to viewers in the U.S. and Canada). And it’s not just Season 7 you can binge! You can also enjoy all previous seasons of Grantchester when you watch with PBS Passport.

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    Where We Left Off & Where We Pick Up

    The stars of the series gave us some teasers on where we’ll find their characters as the season kicks off!

    Tom Brittney on Will: Season 6 brought some messy romantic moments for Will, as long as the struggle of seeing one of his best friends being persecuted for being himself, and fighting a war between what the Church says and what he believes. So how does Season 7 kick off for the crime-solving vicar?

    “Will is very happy in his work and his life in Grantchester but he realizes that something is missing and he wants some excitement,” said Tom Brittney. “He introduces Geordie to the underground world of jazz clubs and while they’re there Will meets someone that changes his life in a lot of ways, for good and for bad…This season really tests Will’s romantic life and relationships. He needs to choose between following his head or his heart.”

    Robson Green on Geordie: When we last saw Geordie, he was broken-hearted after his poor behavior (stemming from ghosts from his past tormenting him) caused Cathy to cast him out.

    “Geordie is lost at the beginning of this season, he no longer has the safety net of family,” said Robson Green. “He is detached from Cathy and the kids and he’s living with Will at the Vicarage, also feeling lost there and like a fish out of water… He’s back to square one and almost a bachelor again and realizes he has to try and get Cathy back. It’s a very simple tale for Geordie, a long time ago he met the love of his life in Cathy, then he lost her and now he has to try and win her back.”

    Tessa Peake-Jones on Mrs. C: At the end of Season 6, Mrs. C had fully embraced Leonard for who he is, realizing that her love for him was greater than what she had been taught all her life about what is right and wrong. Leonard may no longer be part of the Church or living at the Vicarage, but Mrs. C is no less involved in his life — in fact, she may even be more involved, now!

    “At the beginning of this season, Mrs. C is having a go at opening a cafe with her beloved Leonard,” said Tessa Peake-Jones. “Jack has put some money into it so Mrs. C feels she is able to, and should have some involvement and say in it. However she gets a bit bossy and takes over with serving the customers and the general running of the place much to Leonard’s annoyance. It’s quite good fun! She’s feeling happy about everything in her life.”

    But Peake-Jones also revealed that there is more to the upcoming season than just fun days at the café and the usual murders of the week. “In this season, [we] are exploring how people face challenges whether that’s illness or belief systems. These belief systems don’t always necessarily mean belief in God, it’s more about questioning who they are and what they believe in.”

    Al Weaver on Leonard: After last season’s whirlwind of heartbreak and fear for Leonard Finch, who was sent to prison and excommunicated from the Church when he and Daniel were outed as a couple, this season is one that hopefully is a bit less tumultuous on the beloved ex-Curate.

    “It couldn’t get any more dramatic than prison could it?” said Al Weaver. “Jack and Mrs. C have kindly lent him some money to open up a kind of beat, poet cafe in tribute to his heroes of Ginsberg and Kerouac, that serves Moroccan style food with a bit of a Russian theme. Leonard’s really excited as well as nervous because it’s a new adventure for him, he’s anxious about it, but Leonard is always anxious isn’t he?”

    Kacey Ainsworth on Cathy: The end of Season 6 marked a major bump in the road for Cathy and Geordie — one that may or may not be one they can come back from. “At the beginning of the season, Cathy has thrown Geordie out, this time for good and they’re trying to co- parent and negotiate the logistics of it all with pick-ups and drop offs…” explained actress Kacey Ainsworth.

    As apologetic as Geordie is and as hard as the situation may be, however, it won’t be brushed under the rug. Ainsworth continued, “Cathy is adamant that it’s not going to be the ‘same old, same old’ with her and Geordie. I can’t even imagine finding yourself in that situation in the 1950s but Cathy shows such bravery in turning round and saying, ‘I don’t have to put up with this anymore’.”

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    Tom Brittney is Stepping Behind the Camera This Season!

    Tom Brittney filming Grantchester Season 7

    That’s right: Leading man Tom Brittney took the leap into the director’s chair this season for the first time ever (while simultaneously starring in the episode, as well)! So how did the venture go?

    It was amazing!” said long-time actor, first-time director Brittney. “It was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had on a set, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I was young, I finally got a chance to do it. …I was worried beforehand that I might not know what I was doing or that I might have been in too deep but I never felt like that but it all went a lot smoother than I’d anticipated.”

    And, of course, there was extra glee in getting to direct co-star Robson Green. “Lots of people asked what it was like for me to direct Robson as we’re so close and if it was difficult but it wasn’t at all, Robson takes direction so well. I knew I was always going to get the result that I needed.”

    Green also found the experience to be a wonderful one, saying that Brittney did a “fantastic job, and that wasn’t surprising!”

    Brittney’s confidence was what made it all work, Green explained. “Tom is such a likeable person, he understands his abilities as well as his limitations and is very honest about it so that whole package of the person that he is just resonated on the set, it was a very happy place to be as Grantchester always is.”

    (Of course, Green just had to have a little fun with it. “I was mucking about on the first day and he told me ‘Robson, you’re ruining my movie!’ It was a lot of fun!”)

    But never fear — Brittney’s foray into directing doesn’t mean you’ll be seeing any less of him on-screen. “I think directing has the edge for me but that doesn’t mean I’m going to switch careers, I’m just going to try and do both!”

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