Get Ready for Magpie Murders

In Magpie Murders, premiering on MASTERPIECE on Sunday, October 16 at 9/8c on MASTERPIECE on PBS, murder and mayhem go meta with a delightfully suspenseful mystery-within-a-mystery adapted from Anthony Horowitz’s bestselling book by the author himself. Watch the official trailer and find out who stars alongside Lesley Manville, how to watch, and much more!

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    What is Magpie Murders?

    Leslie Manville stars in Magpie Murders on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    A whodunit without the ending? That’s what editor Susan Ryeland is faced with when she receives the long-awaited mystery manuscript featuring her prima donna author’s famous detective, Atticus Pünd. When Susan attempts to find the missing final chapters, she’s plunged into a shocking mystery of her own, where stakes are high, suspects abound, and nothing is as it seems.

    A mystery within a mystery, Magpie Murders weaves expertly between two interlocking time periods: the cozy 1950s village life of the manuscript, and present-day London bustling with commerce and ambition. We get two detectives: editor turned amateur sleuth Susan Ryeland, and “the world’s greatest detective,” Atticus Pünd. And we have at least two magpies: one for sorrow and one for joy.

    In six devilishly clever episodes adapted from Anthony Horowtitz’s bestselling novel by the author himself, Magpie Murders is sure to delight even the most hard-boiled mystery fan!

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    Who's in Magpie Murders?

    Tim McMullan, Lesley Manville, and Conleth Hill starin Magpie Murders on MASTERPIECE on PBS

    Starring as Susan Ryeland, the accomplished editor who races around London in her vintage red convertible sports car and leather jacket, is award-winning actress Lesley Manville (World on Fire, Phantom Thread, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris). Playing the quietly intelligent and gently efficient Atticus Pünd is veteran stage and screen actor Tim McMullan (Patrick Melrose, Foyle’s War). Alan Conway, the unpleasant author who’s too clever by half, is played by Conleth Hill (Game of Throne‘s Varys); Pippa Haywood (Mr. Selfridge‘s Miss Bunting) plays Conway’s sad sack sister. The haughty Lady Frances Pye is played by All Creatures Great and Small‘s Diana Brompton, Dorothy Atkinson, and—in a MASTERPIECE deep cut—Claire Rushbrook, Home FiresPat Simms—plays Susan Ryeland’s suburban sister, Katie.

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    Anthony Horowitz

    Anthony Horowitz, author of Magpie Murders as seen on MASTERPIECE on PBS. Photographer: Jack Lawson
    credit: Jack Lawson

    Anthony Horowitz’s Magpie Murders is probably not your first encounter with this master of murder media (and much more). Not only is he creator of Foyle’s War and writer and producer of Midsomer Murders‘ first seven episodes; he’s written two Conan Doyle estate-commissioned Sherlock Holmes novels; is author of the bestselling teen spy series Alex Rider; and wrote three James Bond novels commissioned by Ian Fleming’s estate. He’s the author of numerous book series for children, teens, and adults; stand-alone novels; short stories; and screenplays for film and television.

    Horowitz followed up Magpie Murders with the much-anticipated Moonflower Mystery in 2020.

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    How to Watch Magpie Murders

    Making Magpie Murders behind the scenes

    Magpie Murders premieres Sunday, October 16 at 9/8c on MASTERPIECE. Watch the official Magpie Murder trailer now, and subscribe to the MASTERPIECE email newsletter to stay informed on the latest about Magpie Murders, other great MASTERPIECE mysteries, and more.



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