Get Ready for Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3

Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3

After an epic and intriguing second season of Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 2, fans are already looking forward to Season 3, coming to MASTERPIECE on PBS. Find out what’s ahead in the new season, how to stream the full season before it broadcasts on TV, and more.

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    What's Ahead in Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3

    Kate Phillips in Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3

    A disappearing magician, police corruption, a potential life-changing financial windfall, and an explosive season finale — Eliza has her share of fresh and surprising challenges as she struggles to build her detective agency. Aside from her vexing cases, Scarlet has to contend with growing competition from a rival agency. And as always, Inspector William Wellington remains Scarlet’s most intractable mystery. When a beautiful woman from childhood catches William’s eye, will this signal the end of Miss Scarlet and The Duke’s working relationship?

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    Stream Season 3 Before Broadcast

    Kate Phillips and Ansu Kabia in Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3

    Miss Scarlet and The Duke fans have an unexpected holiday treat. Right now, all six spellbinding Season 3 episodes are available to binge on PBS Passport, an added member benefit which provides extended access to a digital, on-demand library of PBS shows. Watch online or with the PBS Video app.

    Episodes are also rolling out weekly starting Nov. 24 on the PBS MASTERPIECE Prime Video Channel, an add-on subscription for Amazon Prime members.

    “With its lighthearted charm and irresistible cast, Miss Scarlet and the Duke quickly won over our audience,” says MASTERPIECE executive producer Susanne Simpson. “We hope viewers will enjoy the pair’s latest exploits by binging on Season 3 during the holidays.”

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    Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3 Broadcast Premiere Date

    Evan McCabe and Kate Phillips in Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3

    With a new year, comes an all-new season of Miss Scarlet and The Duke! Season 3 begins Sunday, January 8, 2023, 8/7c, and will run through February 12, 2023 on MASTERPIECE on PBS.

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    Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3 Episodes

    Evan McCabe and Stuart Martin in Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3

    The action unfolds in six all-new episodes.

    Episode One: The Vanishing
    A famous magician does the ultimate disappearing act and vanishes into thin air. All of London is talking about the mystery and Eliza is hired by a newspaper to investigate, despite the fact that Duke is already on the case.

    Episode Two: Arabella
    Eliza bumps into Arabella Herbert, the girl who made her life a misery growing up. But as an adult, Arabella seems kind and considerate and everybody loves her. So when Eliza suspects she may be a criminal, no one wants to hear it, least of all Duke.

    Episode Three: Hotel St Marc
    Eliza is on the trail of a notorious conman and tracks him down to a hotel in a remote part of France. She believes she has finally caught Scotland Yard’s most wanted man, but she’s not the only hotel guest who wants to claim the reward.

    Episode Four: Bloodline
    Detective Fitzroy sees one of his colleagues plant evidence on a suspect. With Duke away, Fitzroy turns to Eliza and hires her to look into a case of police corruption.

    Episode Five: The Heir
    Eliza is on the verge of earning life-changing money when she offers to help the heir to an unclaimed fortune. It’s a race against time to claim the money and Eliza will need Duke’s help, but a revelation about his personal life makes working together impossible.

    Episode Six: The Jewel of the North
    The season comes to an explosive climax when Eliza receives a bomb in the mail. Who sent it and why? Eliza teams up with Duke, Moses and her old enemy Patrick Nash to find out who is behind the deadly delivery.

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    More on Miss Scarlet and The Duke

    Felix Scott, Kate Phillips, Ansu Kabia, and Stuart Martin in Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3

    Wherever you are in your Miss Scarlet and The Duke journey, there’s so much to explore about the fascinating world of the show, the cast and more.

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    Watch the Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3 Trailer

    Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 3


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