Where We Left Off

Before you watch Grantchester‘s Season 3 premiere, with its Christmas cheer, yuletide festivities…and murder, get ready for the new season by revisiting where we left off with Grantchester’s crime-fighting vicar, his on-again, off-again partner, and all your favorite characters from the sleepy village’s clergy and community.

Mrs. Maguire Advises Amanda
Mrs. Maguire: “I made a promise once ‘for better, for worse.’ I thought the better days would arrive but they never did. That’s what no one tells you. That how it starts is most likely how it ends. Be happy, dear.”

Grantchester’s moral standard-bearer, Sylvie Maguire, overcame her disapproval of Amanda in a moment of empathy, effectively giving her tacit approval to seek happiness. Now, what will Amanda do with that approval? And will Mrs. Maguire’s support last?

Leonard Confronts the Archdeacon
“It’s time to cut the dead wood.”
The Archdeacon, worried that Sidney would learn about his protection of his serial pedophile protégé Sam Milburn, tried to convince Leonard to stab Sidney in the back for his own advancement.

“It’s not Sidney who’s the dead wood. You’re rotten to the core.”
Leonard does a little sleuthing of his own, and buoyed by the support of his suitor, Daniel, he summons the courage to confront the corrupt Archdeacon, and turn him over to the authorities. But what will a new archdeacon’s arrival in Grantchester mean for Sidney and Leonard? Is the devil you know better than the devil you don’t?

Daniel Breaks Leonard’s Heart
Daniel: “I thought I’d be waiting for you forever. I can’t wait forever.”
Leonard: “That’s what you do, isn’t it? When you love someone. I know I waited long enough to meet you.”

Leonard, not ready to act on his physical attraction to Daniel, is thoroughly gutted to find him with another man. Will Leonard have another chance at love?

Mrs. Maguire and Jack Share a Dance
Mrs. Maguire, hardened to love ever since the disappearance of her husband Ronnie in the war, has done everything in her power to discourage the affections of the kind and dashing Jack Chapman. But a pep talk from Leonard creates a chink in her armor, and the season closes with them dancing together, a watershed moment for the woman who, only recently, had vehemently proclaimed, “I don’t dance. Not since my Ronnie left.” Will she be able to leave the memory of Ronnie behind and open her heart to Jack?

Geordie and Sidney Make Up
Geordie: “In your war, you were a hero. In mine…all I did was survive…The thing is, Sidney, some days I find it harder surviving than others. And truth be told, I’ve been a bit lost without you.”
Sidney: “I’m here now.”

After their rift over the prosecution of Gary Bell, who went to the gallows with Geordie’s full endorsement, Sidney and Geordie have finally healed their friendship. Will their bromance continue, despite their different views on justice? And will the ghosts of Geordie’s experience in Burma continue to haunt him, sabotaging his closest relationships?

Sidney and Amanda Reunite

Amanda: “I have nothing, Sidney.”
Sidney: “That’s not true.”
Amanda: “I have nothing.”
 “You have me. You’ve always had me.”

Amanda, well into her third trimester, has left her husband Guy and been disowned by her father. When she runs to Sidney’s arms, she finds comfort and enduring love. But within the confines of the church and mid-century mores, will love be enough? Find out when Grantchester Season 3 premieres on Sunday, June 18 on MASTERPIECE on PBS!


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