Grantchester Season 5: Everything We Know About the New Season

Grantchester will return to MASTERPIECE on PBS for a 5th Season in 2020! Get official news on plot & filming, plus stars Tom Brittney & Robson Green!


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    What's the Status of Grantchester Season 5?

    Grantchester‘s next season has not only been greenlit, but filming is already underway! Robson Green (Geordie Keating), Tom Brittney (Will Davenport), and Al Weaver (Leonard Finch) shared a photo from the new season’s first readthrough back in July.

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    Tom Brittney Answers Our Questions!

    Tom Brittney took over MASTERPIECE’s Instagram account to answer fan questions and share sneak peeks (and songs) from the set!

    He also took time from his busy filming schedule to answered a couple of our Season 5 questions:

    MASTERPIECE: What are you most looking forward to for Season 5?
    BRITTNEY: Firstly getting to work with the incredible cast again. But just being able to play Will is the thing I’m most looking forward to. It was so much fun to start creating this character last season, and I can’t wait to see what else the writers have in store for him. And the free food.

    MASTERPIECE: Can you tease us about what’s ahead for Will next season?
    BRITTNEY: I think the writers have got an incredible season in store for everyone but with Will… It’s been a year since we last saw him and Geordie and him are even closer friends now. But there’s someone new in Grantchester who may turn out to be a thorn in their side. Or maybe even love interest? Who knows?!

    Still have questions? Watch Tom Brittney discuss his hopes for Season 5. Hint: they include romance and crime-fighting…

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    What Can We Expect in Season 5?

    Let’s put this in terms that Elvis fan Will Davenport might appreciate, with some of the King’s hits from 1957, the year in which Season 5 is set…

    All Shook Up: The Season 4 finale’s emotional gut-punch hit even harder than Will hit the bag at the gym. After an upheaval in the vicarage and at Will’s ancestral home, all of our favorite characters came back together with their relationships intact and stronger than ever. Leonard and Mrs. C. have made up and returned to the vicarage; Kathy, with Mrs. C.’s help, dispatched the predatory Mr. Hobbs; and Will has been cemented as Grantchester’s new vicar…and Geordie’s partner in crime (fighting).

    Jailhouse Rock: Season 5 will pick up one year later, in 1957—a year that inspired Prime Minister Macmillan to tell the British people that they’d “never had it so good.” But if there’s one thing you can be sure of in Grantchester, it’s murder! And the knowledge that DI Geordie Keating will have a jail cell ready and waiting, as he’ll be hot on murderer’s trail…with the help of a certain motorcycle-riding vicar.

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    What the Dickens? (& What to Do Until Season 5)

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