History in Images: Victoria Episode 6

Who was the real Baroness Lehzen? Get the scoop on the true history behind Victoria Season 2 Episode 6, and see images from the era of Her Majesty’s reign.

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    Sir Robert Peel

    In Episode 6, Victoria’s Prime Minister, Robert Peel, made waves when he sought to abolish the Corn Laws in favor of a free trade system.

    The real Sir Robert Peel was indeed a supporter of free trade and actively reformed the manufacturing industry during his time in office. Although he succeeded in repealing the Corn Laws in 1846, his resulting unpopularity within his own party forced him to resign shortly after.

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    Baroness Lehzen

    Unfortunately, Episode 6 saw Victoria’s longtime friend and aid Baroness Lehzen depart, after the governess and Prince Albert clashed on matters of childcare.

    The real Baroness Lehzen was at Queen Victoria’s side since she was born, and was considered her closest friend for many years. Unfortunately, when Victoria and Albert married, Lehzen and the Queen’s relationship became more difficult. Albert and the Baroness did not get along, and when Victoria’s eldest daughter became ill, the Prince blamed Lehzen’s method of childcare. Baroness Lehzen was dismissed from the palace shortly after.

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    The Death of Drummond

    Episode 6 ended with a heartbreaking goodbye, as the dashing Edward Drummond was killed by a bullet meant for Prime Minister Peel.

    Edward Drummond was indeed the Private Secretary of Sir Robert Peel, as well as three other prime ministers (Drummond was 51 at the time of his real death). He was shot and killed by a man named Daniel M’Naghten, pictured here, in 1843. Although this was well-before the historical repeal of the Corn Laws, Drummond was exiting Peel’s house at the time, which lead many to believe that the bullet was meant for the Prime Minister.


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