Interview: Lightning Round with Aidan Turner

When MASTERPIECE put some rapid fire questions to Poldark star, Aidan Turner, he scythed through them with the muscle and ease of Ross Poldark but with a distinctly un-Poldarkian merriment. Get his lightning round answers here! #PoldarkPBS

Kili from The Hobbit or Ross Poldark: Who’s a better fighter?
“It depends—Ross is a lot taller. Dwarves are pretty vicious. It’s a tough call…I haven’t seen Ross use a weapon yet, maybe if he pulls out one of those loaded pistols from his living room wall—I was quite surprised when that scene came up – the boys were taking the pistols off the wall and just walking straight out –I was like “who keeps a loaded pistol on their wall?” What a badass! So maybe from that alone, you have to say Ross Poldark, because if he keeps a loaded pistol on his living room wall he’s a dangerous guy to be around.”

New Zealand or Cornwall:
“This is really hard, I can’t choose one. I won’t split the difference on another question, but they’re both equal for me!”

Quadrille or Tango?
“Definitely tango.”

Scything or Mining?
Scything or mining? Ugh, God, it’s got to be scything, doesn’t it, but it might be reluctantly, if you know what I mean! They’re such polar opposites, but it’s just that mining is so bloody hard! It’s dark and dangerous and when he’s scything, he looks like he’s having a great old time, Ross Poldark.”

Swimming or Riding?
“Definitely riding.”

Elizabeth or Demelza?
“Oooh, I can’t, how do I answer that one? I don’t think he fully knows, yet, either, that’s the thing about Ross. That relationship—it’s so convoluted as well, it’s so complex, his relationship with Elizabeth. She’s somebody he’s idealized for years while he’s been away at war, and she’s so different to Demelza. She represents a completely different way of life, and he imagined himself with this woman for years, as a young guy. And then when he comes back and all that’s changed, I think it just messes his head up. So that’s a difficult one. I mean, I love Demelza, Demelza’s great, and I just love her character, so if you’re asking Aidan, I guess Aidan would say yes, but Ross might not be able to give you an answer. Aidan is Demelza, Ross isn’t sure…”


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