Episode 5 Recap, Locations & History

From the secret garden to the top of the barricade, revisit the top moments of Episode 5. Plus, see some of the episode’s filming locations, learn about the uprising that is definitely not the French Revolution, and find out which of the musical’s songs fit Episode 5’s action! Watch Episode 5 online now for a limited time!

Episode 5 Recap: Everything you need to know

1. Javert: Tell them I want that man found, arrested, and brought to justice.
Rivette tries to convince Javert to focus on the violent revolution brewing, but Javert is single-minded, one might say obsessed…and Rivette is forced to simply follow orders.

2. Enjolras: If we can provoke the army to attack, the people will rise up in anger.
With the imminent death and subsequent funeral of General Lamarque, hero of the common man, Enjolras sees an opportunity. He believes that all of Paris’ workers will converge to demonstrate, and out of this—with arms and ammunition in place—a revolution will be born.

3. Eponine: Remember what you promised me: anything I wanted.
Eponine finds the mopey Marius to give him Cosette’s address. He makes her swear that she won’t tell her father where Cosette lives, and she says not to worry—he’s locked up. But she doesn’t know that Thenardier has actually escaped. She takes Marius to Cosette’s address.

4. Cosette: It’s him! He’s found me!
While Valjean is away on a mysterious mission, Cosette is terrified when she hears noises in the garden during the night. But the next morning she finds a love letter from Marius.

5. Eponine: I’m not scared of you!
Eponine has returned to the scene of her heartache: Cosette’s house. But Thenardier and his thugs arrive soon after to rob the house and kill Valjean. Eponine raises the alarm and one of the thugs threatens to kill her. A dog barks, the men are scared off, and Eponine stands up to her abusive father, who plans to return again the following night.

6. Marius: Tomorrow, at the stroke of five, I’ll be here, in the garden.
A heartbroken Eponine overhears as Marius reassures Cosette, who’s been told by Valjean that they are moving to England, that they will be together. Nevertheless, she knocks on the window to warn Valjean that her father’s gang is coming for him the next night.

7. Enjolras: We will make this city ungovernable and defend our barricade to the death!
Lamarque is dead and workers converge for his funeral throughout the city, ready for “a spark to set off the powder keg.” Enjolaras’ gives a rousing, let’s-build-a-barricade speech, and look who’s joined Enjolras & friends in barricade-building: Javert! The disguised inspector is convinced that Valjean is among the resistance.

8. Marius: So I’ve lost everything. My life is over.
Valjean has whisked Cosette away to a safe house until they’re ready to depart for England. At the appointed time, Marius finds only Eponine in Cosette’s garden. She reveals that Cosette is gone and all his friends are at the barricade. He will join them because “it’s as good a place to die as any.

9. Mabeuf: Long live the revolution!
At the barricade, Gavroche recognizes Javert and tells Enjolras, who orders that the inspector be tied up for later questioning—right now there’s a battle to fight! The army attacks and spills blood before retreating. Just as Marius arrives, old Mabeuf climbs to the top of the barricade to wave the flag. Before everyone’s eyes, he is shot down.

10. Eponine: I really did love you.
When the army breeches the barricade, Marius repels them with a powder keg and a torch, threatening to blow up the barricade…and himself. After the soldiers retreat, an injured soldier fires a shot at Marius but someone dashes between the soldier and Marius, taking the bullet for him. It’s Eponine. Marius tenderly comforts her as she dies. She has given him Cosette’s letter with her new address, and he finally gives her the kiss he promised.

11. Jean Valjean: She’s gone. In her heart, she’s gone.
Valjean deciphers Cosette’s letter to Marius, sharing her new address and professing her love, from the blotter. His fears are confirmed when Gavroche delivers a letter from Marius, stating, “If I live, I will find you and we will be together for eternity.” Armed with a knife, Valjean sets off to the barricade to face this threat to his daughter. Little does he know that in the very same room as Marius, a greater threat to himself awaits…Javert!

For Fans of the Musical

Here are the songs that match Episode 5’s action:
A Heart Full of Love
On My Own
Do You Hear the People Sing?
One Day More
Little Fall of Rain

Real History: Qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Who was General Lamarque?

General Jean Maximilien Lamarque was a hero of the Napoleonic Wars, but it was his subsequent role as a leftist activist and member of the French Parliament that led to the events depicted in Les Misérables. Like Napoleon, Lamarque went into exile after the war, and when he returned in 1818, he opposed the Bourbon monarchs and their right-wing royalist supporters (known as the “legitimists”). The Bourbons were overthrown during the July Revolution of 1830, to be replaced by the Orleanist July Monarchy (a liberal constitutional monarchy) under King Louis-Philipe I (whom MASTERPIECE viewers may know from Seasons 2 and 3 of Victoria). Lamarque was an outspoken critic of Louis Philippe, under whose reign poverty, hunger, and disease had spread.

What was the June Rebellion?

On June 1, 1832, Lamarque died of cholera. His funeral procession became an opportunity for opponents of the monarchy—Bonapartists and republicans—to join students and workers in expressing their anger about conditions in France. As an advocate for the downtrodden, Lamarque was a fitting symbol for the mob that diverted his funeral cortege to the Place de la Bastille. There, rebels advocated for a Republic; a flag saying “Liberty or Death” was raised; chaos broke out; and gunfire volleyed between rebels and government troops. For one night, Paris was a battleground as insurgents built and fought from barricades, army troops put them down, and eventually the rebels were defeated.

Episode 5 Locations

See where some of Episode 5’s scenes were filmed and get inside information about the real-life locations and the filming.


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