MASTERPIECE Mystery! Detectives Crossword

The game is on! Test your knowledge of MASTERPIECE Mystery! detectives—from rumpled to cultured, shrewdly analytical to simply sensible. [Instructions: Click in a crossword square to type a letter. Once you’ve typed all the letters in a word, it will turn green if you are correct, red if incorrect.]

1. Magpie Murders’ German detective
2. Iconic series featuring DCI Jane Tennison
3. He drives a red Jaguar in 1970s Oxford
4. He played Sherlock’s wingman, John Watson
5. First female detective in Victorian London
6. He plays a police inspector with vicars for BFFs
7. Sunny Khan and Cassie Stuart tackle cold cases in this show
8. He starred in the Worricker spy trilogy
9. DI Locke and DI Chubb are played by the same actor in this series
10. Inspector Kurt Wallander comes from his Nordic Noir books
11. He’s a Commissaris in the Dutch police force
12. She plays a cop solving Glasgow’s marine homicides
13. A spinoff of Inspector Morse series
14. The Duke’s real name in Miss Scarlet and The Duke


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