The Best Moments from Episode 2

High-stakes rescues? Villainous magistrates? It must be a new episode of Poldark! Episode 2 saw some risk it all, and others win big. Before the next episode, relive the best moments from the Season 3, Episode 2. Spoilers below! 


1. Vive la République!

Last week, Ross planned to head to revolutionary France his missing best friend, Dr. Dwight Enys. Episode 2 finds Ross safely on French soil, but soon caught up in a web of spies, lies, and double-agents. Ross is soon arrested by the on-edge local government, who orders him to leave before dawn. But having come no closer to finding Dwight, Ross can’t leave in good conscience. He escapes into the night, now under threat of execution. Dis donc!


2. Judging George

Having conquered the local banks, George Warleggan sets his sights on a new goal: He wants to be a magistrate of Cornwall. In Episode 1, Ross turned the position down, so George is offered the honor. His first day on the bench sets the tone for a villainous reign; he cracks down on the poor and hungry masses and distributes a harsh brand of justice. George in power? This can’t bode well for the Poldarks…


3. What the Doctor Ordered

Elizabeth has been having a difficult time–the joyous birth of Valentine is clouded by deceit, she’s isolated from her family at Nampara, and George’s new position as magistrate seems to help her realize that her husband is a monster. In an unsettling scene, a doctor glibly prescribes a sedative “when required.” Does Elizabeth realize she’s playing with fire?


4. Dwight Lives!

Since being ambushed by French forces, Dwight has been missing without a trace. Many assume he is gone for good. But when Ross returns from France with a list of French prisoners of war, we finally find proof that Dwight is alive! Of course, that’s no guarantee he will return home, but with a loyal friend like Ross Poldark, we like his chances.


5. Demelza Takes Charge

When Ross is away, Demelza will…own it. While he plays hero in France, she’s saddled with the difficulty of guarding their home, raising their children, keeping their farm, and running their mine. When Ross dares question her decision to give their old storehouse to the community, Demelza reminds him that their world can’t revolve around his (very unpredictable) schedule. This is the Demelza we know and love!


Stay tuned next week! Poldark Season 3 Episode 3 airs Sunday, October 15th, 2017 at 9/8c. Keep the conversation going with #PoldarkPBS.

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