Recap: Episode 1

Between the poems, the politics, the nooses, and the near-deaths, Poldark‘s Season 4 premiere was so intense that, like Drake and Sam, we needed a reprieve! But when it ended, it had us begging for more. Relive all the episode’s drama in GIFS.

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    In Which We're Reminded How Lucky Demelza Is

    Ross emerges from a bracing swim to torture himself by imagining Demelza and Hugh together. But his spirits lift when Demelza and the kids join him on the beach, dispelling his daymare. When he tells her, “I’m still here,” she reassures him: “So am I.” But with Hugh in the picture, is she really?

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    Ouch, That Poetry Hurts

    Hugh’s post-POW vision problems have progressed to excruciating headaches. But that won’t stop him from composing thirsty love poems for Demelza. In “Lips to my lips,” he immortalizes their tryst in the dunes, and works to make it happen again.

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    Father of the Year?

    Elizabeth is still boss after George’s sobbing plea for her forgiveness in the Season 3 finale, when he suspected that Valentine wasn’t his son. She’s not afraid to show (mild) approval for George’s full-hearted embrace of Valentine…long may it last!

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    Tea and Diplomacy

    Sir Francis Basset takes Demelza by surprise by inviting himself last-minute to Nampara. Never one to miss an opportunity, Demelza serves tea with a side of charm, promoting Ross as a man of honor and conviction, and suggesting that Basset bury the hatchet with his foe, Falmouth, to unite behind a not-Warleggan candidate for MP.

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    Wrong Place, Wrong Time

    A riot breaks out in Truro when Cornwall’s desperate and starving poor protest the sale of grain abroad, and Drake and Sam are caught up in the melee. George is giddy with excitement that they will hang, and Ross—because he turned down Basset’s offer to run for MP last season—is powerless to save them. In his terror at hanging, Drake sees Morwenna and locks eyes with her. Will she give him strength in his last living moments?

  6. 6.


    A very desperate Ross Poldark has to pull the most convincing speech of his life out of his…tricorn, in order to save the lives of his innocent brothers-in-law. His impassioned plea for justice—a merciful reprieve—is echoed by the crowd and miraculously, it sways Basset and the judge. (Things didn’t work out so well for Zacky’s son, Jago.)

  7. 7.

    A Matter of Life and Death?

    Hugh reveals that there were three additional lines to his poem. In spite of this, Demelza wants to hear them, and their recitation leads to bad news: he thinks he’ll die without her. First it was sex because he was going blind, and now it’s to save his life?! The skeptical viewer may find this somewhat manipulative, but the heart wants what it wants, and Demelza’s still not sure…

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    And Baby Makes Four

    Horace has a lot to say—however inscrutable—when Caroline gives Dwight the good news: she’s pregnant!

  9. 9.

    Good Question

    As deftly as Ross can turn a phrase to inspire a quest for copper or a stay of execution, it’s hard for our rough and ready action man to find the words when it comes to his own emotions. And yet, in a hearthside heart-to-heart, he finally articulates how much he prizes Demelza: “You are the better part of me.” And though she doesn’t have a definitive answer to his question as to whether it’s too late, there’s some hope between them. Will hope be enough?

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