Recap: Episode 7

What started out as a London idyll—second honeymoon level romance, plus a visit to Caroline’s tailor—quickly went south when Monk Adderley slithered back on the scene and stirred up all kinds of trouble. Revisit the masked ball, the cannibal’s courtship, Geoffrey Charles’ major gaffe, and not one, but two assaults on our hero, in our selection of Episode 7’s best moments.

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    Conjugal Bliss

    Ross and Demelza can’t get enough of each other. Look how far they’ve come since the beginning of the season, when the fallout from the Hugh Adieu threatened to ruin their marriage. Now they’re solid…right?
    Watch a compilation of Ross & Demelza’s hottest moments from Season 4!

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    Monk has the worst—and by that, we mean best—lines this season. But his interest in Demelza isn’t just carnal; he’s made a wager with George that he can have Demelza within a week. With pickup lines like “Two things I like best: To fight, and to make love,” how could he possibly lose?

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    Elizabeth is glowing, not just from her pregnancy and the love of her burro borough-owning husband, but because George has fully accepted Valentine, and their happy family is going to grow.
    Cast Video: Elizabeth Warleggan, Happy at Last?

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    Sadly, Ross is Not Winking at Us.

    Nor does he have a George Warleggan-induced twitch in his eye. No, he’s aiming a gun, and a lot has led up to this moment of shoddy target practice: Enraged by Monk’s attempts to seduce Demelza, Ross allowed himself to be triggered by Monk, and was thisclose to beating the pulp out of him in the middle of Parliament. Monk challenged him to a duel, and he accepted. Now he’s getting a little worried. So are we!

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    Fourteen paces apart with tension ratcheted up high, Ross and Monk miss their first shots. They could call it quits, but within a split second, Monk fires again, so Ross does too. Ross takes a bullet in the arm, but with a shot to the groin (!), it’s Monk who’s mortally wounded. His dying wish? That Ross pay George the money he lost in the wager.

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    Poor Wenna

    In another gruesome stroke of fate, Morwenna miscarries. Lady Whitworth now has no use for her, and when she seeks to have her institutionalized, Morwenna—broken from all the trauma—hardly resists. Still, she seeks out Drake to explain why she banished the man she clearly still loves, revealing that because of the abuse, she cannot bear a man’s touch. Before Drake can respond, she runs away.

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    Was Geoffrey Charles drunk again? Because how in his right mind—even ignorant of the truth—could he possibly have thought it was ok to say that Valentine is “the very spit and image of Uncle Ross”? Well, at least Aunt Agatha would have been proud. Meanwhile, can we all agree that a simple trip to the barber and the shearing of a certain mop-top of glossy black curls could have prevented this whole scenario?

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    Who's a Good Boy

    Caroline: Horace says he wishes you would be happy in London and stay longer.
    Dwight: Horace knows we are different re London and we’re cool with that. But maybe he’ll come back to Cornwall soon?
    Caroline: Maybe [actually yes]
    Horace: When I get to Cornwall, can I have some Stargazey Pie?

  9. 9.

    The Payoff

    Does he listen to Demelza? No. Does he listen to Dwight? No. Instead, when Ross passes an anguished Elizabeth and a stone-cold George, he decides it’s the perfect moment to pass on Adderely’s ten guineas. Ten guineas which George, with pure, unbridled loathing, returns to his face…with enough force to break the skin!

Demelza has left for Cornwall, Morwenna’s in peril, George knows all, and only one episode remains! What’s Horace thinking now? Don’t miss Poldark’s explosive Season 4 finale!



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