Get Ready for Season 4

Whether you come for the swashbuckling, the swooning, or the scything, you’re in luck—the time has finally come for Ross Poldark to don his tricorn and gallop back onto our screens! But before the Season 4 premiere, catch up on last year’s scandalous season finale and get ready for all the drama ahead with our Poldark Season 4 primer. Poldark Season 4 premieres Sunday, September 30 at 9/8c on MASTERPIECE. #PoldarkPBS

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    Where We Left Off

    It’s been a while since we were all last cliffside, so let’s take a minute and recap where we left things with Ross & Co.: Tholly led a mob to raid the grain stores and in a face-off with him, rifles cocked, Ross finally found his inner leader. But in mustering a militia, he missed the battle on the home front, because Hugh and Demelza “tasted heaven” in the dunes. And then we all cried together when she returned to Ross and they held each other in that awful, awful aftermath. On a more positive note, Drake left poor suffering Morwenna a secret bouquet, small comfort for a women forced to threaten to kill her child in order to keep safe from her monstrous husband. And in one of the all-time greatest Poldark moments, George wept as he begged Elizabeth’s forgiveness and vowed never to question Valentine’s parentage again.

    Revisit the Season 3 finale’s best moments in GIFs!

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    What to Expect in Season 4

    Poldark’s writer Debbie Horsfield offered a few Season 4 insights in an exclusive interview for the Poldark Insider newsletter: “We can expect that Ross will continue to face trials and tribulations. Sometimes they will be domestic, sometimes they will be political, sometimes they will be to do with business…Lots of our characters will face hazards and unexpected hurdles. And he and Demelza will be reconnecting after a particularly troublesome Season 3 in which they both seemed to go their separate ways… ” Ross Poldark, facing trials and tribulations? I’ll believe it when I see it! (On Sunday, September 30 at 9/8c)

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    New Villains & A New Geoffrey Charles

    Just as Valentine, Jeremy, and Clowance (remember her?) are growing up, so too must our beloved Geoffrey Charles. Meet the actor portraying our favorite George-torturer for Season 4, as well as a couple of new baddies: Ossie’s mother, and a new villain who’s as sleazy as he is sinister.

    Catch up on Season 4’s characters.

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    New Locations

    You can take the hero out of Cornwall, but you can’t take the…Never mind that, we’re just going to have to see for ourselves what decadence, delights, and drama await when the characters of Poldark hit London.

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    More Horace!

    If you felt that Season 3 was a little light on Horace, don’t despair: everyone’s favorite Cornish 18th century pug is set to get more screen time. And more Horace means more Dwight and Caroline!

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    More Poldark

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