Cast Interview: Harry Richardson

It’s been a rough season for Poldark‘s Drake Carne, but a great one for actor Harry Richardson, who makes up one half of the Poldark couple we’re all rooting for. Find out Richardson’s insights into his loveable character, his favorite scene of Season 4, and his take on some of Drake’s big decisions. And check out MASTERPIECE’s exclusive interview with Poldark‘s Morwenna, Ellise Chappell. #Drowenna forever! [Contains Episode 5 Spoilers]

MASTERPIECE: Drake and Morwenna are a favorite couple among Poldark fans—What’s that been like for you?
RICHARDSON: It’s been really incredible that people have enjoyed our characters as much as we’ve enjoyed living them! They’re lovely people to inhabit, and I can’t wait to revisit Drake.

MASTERPIECE: What was it like returning for Season 4, compared with joining the cast as a newcomer last year?
RICHARDSON: It was a lot more comfortable. And I’d missed 1790s Cornwall!

MASTERPIECE: Drake is like a puppy—hopeful, happy, and even has a little bounce in his step. How did you come to inhabit this very specific and likeable character?
RICHARDSON: Music really helps me bounce back into his bright rhythms and happy outlook. I really enjoy him, so it’s a breeze!

You can’t stop a blacksmith playing with fire!–Harry Richardson on Drake losing his forge…again

MASTERPIECE: Drake has now twice escaped the hangman’s noose. Should we worry that this is a seasonal occurrence for him?
RICHARDSON: I hope not! It’s a pretty horrible experience contemplating the noose…

MASTERPIECE: Drake’s gradual acceptance that Morwenna can never be with him is so well done; even the  most ardent Drake/Morwenna shippers among us understand that he had to move on. But was it wrong for him to propose to Rosina?
RICHARDSON: I don’t think so. He’s always trying to do the right thing by everybody and really felt the pressure. But maybe he could have waited a little longer for Morwenna.

MASTERPIECE: Was it wrong for him to not go through with the marriage?
RICHARDSON: I don’t think so, considering [what] he found out before the wedding. It would have been wrong to go ahead with it when he was still in love with Morwenna.

MASTERPIECE: Drake’s optimistic and hopeful nature, preparing for his wedding, getting his cottage ready and singing, makes it all the more heartbreaking when he loses hope! Where do you think he gets his optimism from?
RICHARDSON: I think he’s naturally a very bright person. He probably gets his inspiration from the beautiful coastline.

MASTERPIECE: Can we hope that Sam will trade his hymns for some traditional folk music, and we can see a Carne Family Singers supergroup?
RICHARDSON: One can hope. I think it’d be a total smash!

MASTERPIECE: It’s absolutely devastating when Morwenna, approached by Drake, tells him to leave forever, because she’s “sick” and “tainted.” How did you prepare for this scene?
RICHARDSON: I didn’t have to do much—Ellise’s performance of this scene was my favorite of the season. Absolutely heartbreaking!

MASTERPIECE: Drake has now had two forges burnt down. Is it time for him to find a new trade?
RICHARDSON: You can’t stop a blacksmith from playing with fire!

MASTERPIECE: Pol-dark or Pol-dark?
RICHARDSON: The dark is stronger than the Pol.

MASTERPIECE: What’s the one thing, in your opinion, a visitor to Cornwall should make sure they see or do?
RICHARDSON: I love St Ives—it’s such a fairytale, with incredible food!


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