Poldark’s Best Couples, Ranked

For five years, Poldark‘s couples have had us celebrating, sobbing, and staring, cliff-side, at the cold, indifferent sea! We’ve rooted for them—and now it’s time to rank them! The definitive ranking of Poldark‘s couples begins below. See where your favorites ended up…then take our quiz to see which Poldark Season 1 couple you and your sweetie are!

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    Ross & Demelza

    Origin Story: He was a heartbroken young man determined to change his fortune, armed with little more than a scythe, two useless servants, and his sense of honor. She was a rough-around-the-edges miner’s daughter with a fierce will, insatiable curiosity, and strength. It was saving Garrick that first brought them together; an illicitly borrowed blue dress that sealed the deal, and Demelza’s Christmas song that finally revealed true love.
    Why We Love Them: We love them for their tempestuous story, their struggle to keep their love alive, and their common goal to fight against injustice.
    Legacy: A school for their community’s children, better wages and affordable food for Cornwall’s poor, and two children—and another on the way—securing future of the Poldark name.

  2. 2.

    Dwight & Caroline

    Origin Story: Opposites attract in this very Jane Austen duo! He was a kind, innocent doctor wary of risking his heart after a very bad burn. She was a haughty heiress who sought little more than amusement. With the help of oranges, Horace, and Ross Poldark, they reunited—and united—before Dwight sailed for France.
    Why We Love Them: We love them for their charming banter, their co-parenting of Horace, and their selfless, unquestioning support of whatever the other needs.
    Legacy: With the love and support of Caroline, Dwight is able to gain entrance into the ranks of society’s powerful to advocate for the mentally ill. Whether they will have a legacy in another Enys-Penvenan “offshoot,” we can only hope…But Caroline wishes it, and if she wishes it, it shall be so!
    Watch the actors behind Dwight and Caroline reflect on their characters, their friendship, and saying goodbye.

  3. 3.

    Drake & Morwenna

    Origin Story: He was a little brother with a spring in his step and a song in his heart, carefree and open to adventure, blacksmithing, and love. She was a cousin turned governess, with a gentle, cautious nature. With the help of Geoffrey Charles, the “best beach in Cornwall,” and the Holy Well, these star-crossed innocents found love in one another.
    Why We Love Them: We love them for their self-sacrifices, their perseverance, and their deep wells of hope.
    Legacy: A school, a smithy, and a Loveday!
    Watch a compilation of their best moments over the seasons.

  4. 4.

    Sam & Rosina

    Origin Story: He was the hunky older brother devoted to his Lord but woefully missing a worthy, earthly love. She was the once lipsy-legged, twice-engaged, never married former fiancée of Sam’s brother. Having both endured crushing rejections, this “rare, good man” and this “God-fearing girl” found their circuitous way to one another with a little help from the Lord…and surprisingly, no match-making from Demelza!
    Why We Love Them: Both of these tender, good people deserve life’s greatest treasure which, according to Verity, is “to love and be loved in return.” Plus, the fact that they look so beautiful together certainly doesn’t hurt!
    Legacy: It’s too soon to tell what their legacy will be, but between the preaching and the teaching, they are on track for a full and happy life together!

  5. 5.

    George & Elizabeth

    Origin Story: He was an infatuated rich boy playing the long game. She was a beautiful widowed young mother with nowhere else to turn. It was Francis’ sudden death, her mother’s stroke, a dearth of options, and ultimately her poor treatment by Ross that brought them together.
    Why We Love Them: We loved the taut suspense of George finding out about Ross; the way Elizabeth could reduce him to a sniveling mess; and those rare good times when they were united in service of George’s ambition. But mostly we love them in retrospect, seeing how her loss destroyed George, and thus how much he truly loved her.
    Legacy: Sadly, their legacy could have been the greatest, but amounts to the least. He remains enemies with Geoffrey Charles, leaves Trenwith for good, and will start over with two motherless children, one of whom he still cannot fully embrace. Will George ever love again? Actor Jack Farthing thinks not.

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