Poldark Season 5: Everything You Need to Know

Find out all about Poldark Season 5’s release date, cast, and plot, see the trailer, and find out where we left off and how to stream all 5 seasons! Watch the September 29 premiere on MASTERPIECE on PBS.

Poldark‘s Season 5 premiere will mark the beginning of Ross Poldark’s long ride into the sunset and out of our lives. Here’s everything you need to know about the new and final season of the show that’s had us hanging on the edge of a cliff ever since the very first episode!

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    Where We Left Off

    In Season 4’s unforgettable finale, Elizabeth drank a highly dangerous labor-inducing potion and delivered a small but healthy daughter, Ursula. This early birth, like her brother’s, finally convinced George of Valentine’s parentage. But in a gruesome and tragic turn, the potion’s side effects killed Elizabeth. Not even Drake and Morwenna’s sweet, affirming marriage or Caroline’s tentative revelation to Dwight that she’s ready to try for another child could make up for Elizabeth’s cruel death. And thusly our tricorns overfloweth’d with tears.

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    Where We Pick Up

    After Elizabeth’s harrowing death, Ross and Demelza are committed to a simple life of family, fishing, and friends (and of course, mining). But the simple life, as always, can’t hold our hero, and news that an old friend is in trouble turns Ross’ tricorn toward London, where adventure—and misadventure—await! With Ross away, Demelza is in charge at Nampara and the mine, and a fiercely ambitious young housemaid worms her way into Demelza’s life and her trust.

    George is haunted by Elizabeth’s death, but even his fathomless grief isn’t powerful enough to prevent him from taking business meetings with Ralph Hanson, an unsavory mahogany trader whose business is built on the backs of enslaved people. But Hanson’s daughter is as fresh as her father is foul, as Geoffrey Charles observes…

    As for our favorite newlyweds, the Carnes, and trulyweds, the Enyses, both couples still have old demons to exorcise and wounds to heal. Will the future bring them happiness, or will they be tested yet again?

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    Meet the New Characters

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    Watch the Official Trailer

    Risk it all, one last time…Get ready for the final season of Poldark, coming to MASTERPIECE on PBS on Sunday, September 29 at 9/8c!

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