The Men of Poldark

In honor of five seasons of Poldark, we hereby present an entirely gratuitous, utterly shameless appreciation of Poldark‘s hunks and heroes. You’re welcome!

  1. 1.

    Ross Poldark

    You’ve redeemed me. I am your humble servant, and I love you.”
    We love many things* about our eponymous hero: the strength of his moral code, the smolder of his glance, and the swing of his scythe. But perhaps most loveable of all is his ability to—eventually—admit when he’s wrong and grow into a better man. All with the right woman by his side.
    *see photo above

  2. 2.

    Dwight Enys

    “Without you, nothing is possible.”
    We’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is Doctor Dwight Enys! (Also, marshmallow root, ginger, juniper, and plenty of fresh air and sunlight.) Perhaps the best man in Cornwall, and the man we all deserve, Dwight Enys doctors without borders, heals with compassion, loves with steadfast courage, and speaks truth to power (including Ossie, the Academy, and even Ross), all with solid moral authority.

    Watch our compilation of The Best of Dwight Enys!

  3. 3.

    George Warleggan

    “Why would I want any of this if she is not here to share it with me?”
    George has brought us to the brink of empathy more than once during the run of Poldark, never more powerfully than when he finally mourns Elizabeth with the help of Dwight Enys. In that spirit, we celebrate George Warleggan, and his glimmer of good in a sea of misguided. Because deep down, he’s just a hurt little boy who wants to be accepted and loved.

  4. 4.

    Drake Carne

    “Can ‘ee not see that there be hope?”
    Despite his status as Cornwall’s resident Labrador retriever puppy, Drake is as steadfast and true as his sister, Demelza. He both faced the noose and had his forge burned down twice, but picked himself up again each time, ready to fight for the woman he loved. His resilience, his goodness, and his bottomless well (Holy Well, that is) of hope make him not just Morwenna’s hero, but one of ours, as well.

  5. 5.

    Sam Carne

    “I’d sooner wrestle f’ th’ liberation o’ souls.”
    It was Rosina, back in Season 4, who described Sam as “a rare, good man.” A rare, good man deserving of a more robust storyline, if you ask us! In the burgeoning era of the #HotPriest, Sam is devoted to his Lord but woefully neglectful of his earthly admirers. Will the passion he found wrestling Tom Harry for Emma find inspiration in Cornwall’s most overlooked bachelorette, Rosina? We can only hope for happy union between this sweet rose and a truly rare, good man!

  6. 6.

    Hugh Armitage

    “I’m no Leonardo, but surely you are Mona Lisa.”
    He’s no John Keats, either! But in spite of his cringey pickup lines and bad poetry, we did love Hugh for his passion and his complete adoration of a woman we all adore, too. Plus, his puppy dog eyes and his bee-stung lips didn’t hurt. How can you possibly not appreciate a character who, in spite of being covered with leeches at death’s very door, still looks like he’s ready to compete in the Olympic snowboarding qualifying trials?!

  7. 7.

    Geoffrey Charles

    “Her heart belonged to one man only. And it wasn’t my father and it wasn’t you.”
    Throughout Poldark, we’ve been delighted by Geoffrey Charles’ cheeky, boyish spirit, and rooted for him as he trolled George, enthused about mining, unknowingly chaperoned Drake and Morwenna, and seemingly aged a half-decade between every new season! Now a young man at risk of losing his beloved Cecily, he’s shown courage and conviction, proving that he is truly a Poldark. And a Poldark in love is a force to be reckoned with!


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