Sanditon First Look Slideshow

The first ever television adaptation of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel Sanditon is coming to MASTERPIECE on PBS in the 2020 season! Written by multi-award winning screenwriter Andrew Davies (Pride and Prejudice, Les Misérables, Mr. Selfridge), Sanditon stars Rose Williams, Theo James, Kris Marshall and Anne Reid among others.  See the first images from on set in our slideshow, and also learn more about the characters featured in the new series.


Can’t wait for Sanditon? Learn more about the key characters in the series!

Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams):
Charlotte Heywood is optimistic about the changes the 19th century promises. Ready for a new life and confident in her opinions, Charlotte builds a strong reputation in Sanditon.  Her confidence is moderated by her unfamiliarity with the rules of high society. When Charlotte meets Sidney, Charlotte finds her self assurance is shaken. Will Charlotte discover herself and find love on her own terms, or be overwhelmed by the dalliances and intrigues of the seaside town?

Sidney Parker (Theo James):
Sidney Parker is a self-made man who finds his responsibilities to his family in Sanditon somewhat tiresome. But below the surface, Sidney can be a volatile man, seldom the same from one moment to the next. In the company of Charlotte, can Sidney rediscover who he is and crucially, learn to trust again?

Tom Parker (Kris Marshall):
Tom Parker holds an unwavering belief that Sanditon will be the ideal seaside resort. Entirely unflappable and keen to take risks to realize his vision, Tom will put Sanditon on the map at all costs. But when does belief spill over into obsession? And will Tom’s determination also be his ruin?

Lady Denham (Anne Reid):
Deliciously direct, Lady Denham advanced her position through marriage and expects to be treated with a great deal of deference. But there is more to Lady Denham than meets the eye. What role will she play in the full realization of Sanditon and its residents?

Images copyright © Red Planet Pictures / ITV 2019, Photographer: Simon Ridgway.

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