Season 3 Cast Interviews Roundup

Victoria Season 3 may be over, but we’re not ready to say goodbye (for now) to our beloved queen and her cohorts. In that spirit, we’ve rounded up all our best videos, exclusive interviews, and intimate conversations with Victoria’s stars, who take us behind the scenes to share insights about their characters, their costars, and Season 3’s most dramatic moments.  Keep the Victoria experience alive, and long live the queen! [Contains Season 3 spoilers.]

  1. 1.

    Jenna Coleman

    Jenna Coleman has reigned as Queen Victoria from her early, naïve days as the young ruler to the more confident Mother of the Nation (and, now, mother to seven children!). Learn all about Coleman’s favorite scenes to shoot, what it was like to work with the kids this season (hint: adorable), and what it was like to film that shocking season finale moment.

    Feature: Exclusive Interview with Jenna Coleman

    Podcast: Jenna Coleman Reflects On A Truly Royal Season

    Video: Victoria’s Legacy

    Video: Victoria & Albert: The Great Divide

    Video: Season 3 Costumes

    Video: Victoria’s Big Splash

  2. 2.

    Laurence Fox

    One thing Lord Palmerston and Laurence Fox certainly have in common: their charm! Learn all about the actor behind Season 3 newcomer Lord Palmerston, and what it was like to join the world of Victoria.

    Feature: Exclusive Interview with Laurence Fox

    Feature: 5 Things To Know About Laurence Fox

    Podcast: Laurence Fox Is A Devilishly Charming Lord Palmerston

    Video: Laurence Fox is Palmerston

  3. 3.

    Kate Fleetwood

    Princess Feodora may have been shrouded in mystery and, at times, hard to love, but actress Kate Fleetwood is nothing short of a lovable delight. Get to know Fleetwood and what it was like bringing Victoria’s scheming half-sister into the fray, and why she has a soft spot for poor, misunderstood Feo.

    Feature: Exclusive Interview with Kate Fleetwood

    Podcast: Princess Feodora Could Have Been Queen But Kate Fleetwood Already Reigns

    Video: Who Is Feodora?

  4. 4.

    Nell Hudson

    Get to know actress Nell Hudson, the woman behind the kind-hearted, loyal Nancy Skerrett, and hear what it was like to film Skerrett’s life-changing journey this season, from the blissfully romantic highs to the gut-wrenching lows, and everything in between.

    Feature: Exclusive Interview with Nell Hudson

    Podcast: Nell Hudson’s Nancy Skerrett Is A Bombe Surprise

    Video: Skerrett and Francatelli

    Video: Saying Goodbye to [SPOILER]

  5. 5.

    Ferdinand Kingsley

    Get to know Ferdinand Kingsley, the man behind chef extraordinaire Charles Francatelli. Hear more about Skerrett and Francatelli’s fan-favorite relationship, what it was like filming that heartbreaking episode, and what it all means for Francatelli’s future.

    Feature: Exclusive Interview with Ferdinand Kingsley

    Podcast: Ferdinand Kingsley Knows The Real Francatelli Is A Good Guy

    Video: Skerrett and Francatelli

    Video: The Real Francatelli

  6. 6.

    Anna Wilson-Jones

    Lady Emma Portman knows everyone (and everything) there is to know in the royal court, including the much-missed Lord M (R.I.P.), and the womanizing Lord Palmerston. Now, get to know even more about the actress playing her, Anna Wilson-Jones, and what it’s been like to stand by the Queen’s side for the past three seasons.

    Feature: Exclusive Interview with Anna Wilson-Jones

    Podcast: Lady Emma Portman Keeps All The Queen’s Secrets (And So Does Anna Wilson-Jones)

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