Six Downton Abbey Moments To Remember Before The Movie

Need a refresher on the biggest moments of Downton Abbey‘s series finale? We’ve got you covered! Catch up on all the major break-ups, make-ups, and happy endings from the show’s final season, ahead of the September 20 premiere of the Downton Abbey movie.

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    Mary and Edith: Fight, Forgive, Repeat

    “Because in the end, you’re my sister. And one day, only we will remember Sybil. Or Mama, or Papa, or Matthew, or Michael, or Granny, or Carson, or any of the others who have peopled our youth. Until, at last, our shared memories will mean more than our mutual dislike.” – Lady Edith

    After years of the two Crawley sisters butting heads, Mary and Edith had the fight of all fights as the final season neared its end. When Bertie announced he and Edith’s engagement to Mary and Tom, Edith claimed that Mary couldn’t be happy for her because Mary was miserable. In retaliation, Mary chose that moment to cruelly reveal Edith’s big secret: that Marigold was not her ward, but her daughter. Bertie, shocked that Edith didn’t tell him herself, called off the engagement and quickly left Downton. The resulting fight between the sisters was nothing short of ugly, hurtful, and a long time coming.

    Even still, Edith returned home not long after for Mary and Henry’s nuptials (which Mary finally agreed to, perhaps thanks to Edith’s words!). In a rare moment of humility from Mary, the elder Crawley sister apologized for what she did to Edith, and the sisters had a major heart to heart discussion about their relationship.

    But, to truly make amends for the havoc she wrought, Mary had one last trick up her sleeve….

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    Bertie and Edith’s Happily Ever After

    “The only thing I’m not ready for is a life without you.” – Bertie Pelham

    When Edith and Aunt Rosamund went out to dine in London, Edith was shocked to find Bertie waiting for her at the restaurant. Bertie admitted that he’d been miserable without her and (surprise!) that it was Mary who called him to set them back up. Edith, finally, got her happily ever after back on track, in a fairytale ending, indeed. Even when Bertie’s conservative mother posed a threat to their bliss, Edith decided to be honest about her past. His mother, in a shocking turn of events, accepted Edith and Marigold into the family, all was well, and at long last, Edith was happy.

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    Mrs. Henry Talbot

    “Mary, the last time I saw you, you threw me out for saying that I loved you. Now you’ve whistled and I’m here, but I don’t know why.”

    “Because you were right. Because we are in love with each other. I’m not sure why I fought it, but I’ve stopped fighting it now.”

    For so long, Mary couldn’t imagine moving on from Matthew and the deep love she had for him. But years later, she once again met her match in race car driver Henry Talbot (no matter how hard she tried to deny her feelings). After sent him away, and caught plenty of flack about it from her family, she saw the error of her ways and called him back to Downton to tell him that, truly, she was ready to be together. They married within the week, at a small, intimate affair, and Mary was once again happily in love. (And, we learned in the finale, expecting a baby Talbot!)

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    Goodbye Tom, Hello Tom

    “It was quite simple. I had to go all the way to Boston to figure something out. And that’s what I did.”

    “Well, go on. What was it?”

    “I learned that Downton is my home and that you are my family. If I didn’t quite know that before I left, I know it now.”

    Tom spent the years after Sybil’s death wondering where he fit into the privileged Crawley family, and if he ever would truly belong. Even after working alongside Mary and Robert to help manage the estate (and worming his way into their hearts) he decided to leave for a new life in Boston. But at Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes wedding, Tom and Sybbie surprised everyone with their grand return, marking yet another happy ending! Later, Tom and Henry (after retiring from racing) go into business together as car salesmen, finding a new purpose in their lives with the Crawley family.

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    Carson Steps Down

    “Downton will be a very different place without you at the helm.”

    “The world is a different place from the way it was, my Lord. And Downton Abbey must change with it.”

    At the end of the final season, it was revealed that Carson was afflicted with palsy, and could no longer carry out his duties – a fate he begrudgingly accepted. Though it broke his heart to do so, he admitted his situation to the family, and offered to search for a replacement butler.

    At Edith and Bertie’s wedding reception, Mr. Barrow returned to the house as a guest, and stepped in to help a frustrated Carson pour champagne. It was then that the solution became clear to Lord Grantham. Barrow, who had recently left Downton to (unhappily) work as a butler elsewhere, was the perfect replacement for Mr. Carson.

    “You can’t pretend Barrow isn’t sufficiently experienced,” Mary said. And Mr. Carson replied, with the pride Barrow had always sought out, “No, I wouldn’t say that, my Lady. I trained him.”

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    It's a Boy!

    “We have a son, John.” – Anna Bates

    It wouldn’t have been a Downton finale without one last surprise! After six seasons of hardship and heartache for the usually unlucky couple, Anna and Bates finally got their happy ending in the form of baby boy Bates. In the last moments of the finale, during Edith and Bertie’s wedding reception and the final hours of New Year’s Eve, Anna went upstairs to return Lady Mary’s new hairdryer – and wound up in labor in Lady Mary’s room (much to Mr. Carson’s horror). Thus, baby Bates made his way into the world in an upstairs bedroom at Downton Abbey, and the Bates family rang in 1926 with a new member.


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    Bonus: Honorable Mentions

    Let us also remember some more of our favorite moments from the end of Downton Abbey’s run….

    Edith’s popular advice columnist “Cassandra Jones” was revealed to be none other than Spratt. (And the Dowager Countess is a big fan!)

    At long last, Isobel Crawley got a shot at love, with Dickie Merton! (Dickie, as it turned out, was not terminally ill, and the couple have many happy years to look forward to.)

    When Rose was visiting Downton for Edith’s wedding, she dragged Robert to the hospital to see Cora in action, where she talked some sense into him to just be proud of his wife and all her hard work. Her plan worked.

    Molesley’s dream came true when he became a teacher at the local school. It may have started out a bit rocky, but the students ended up warming him, just as we all did.

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