The Best Moments from Episode 6

New drama, old secrets–one riveting episode of Poldark. Relive the best moments from Season 3, Episode 6 with our list of the episode’s must-see moments. Contains spoilers! 

  1. 1.

    Save the Day, Rowella!

    Poor Morwenna has been suffering as Ossie’s new bride, exacerbated by her quick pregnancy. Morwenna’s sister Rowella arrives for a visit, and is immediately struck by Morwenna’s unwell appearance. Rowella quickly learns the truth about Ossie, and it doesn’t take her long to realize his weakness. It’s unclear what the mischievous Chynoweth sister has in store, but we can only hope it’s a reckoning.

  2. 2.

    Lost at Sea

    The sweet, shy Lieutenant Armitage is much more outspoken about his feelings for Demelza, the muse of his poetry. At a small gathering he shows her his latest work: a sketch in her likeness! Demelza is not exactly swept off her feet–she seems overwhelmed by his affections–but it’s clear that some part of her starts to wonder: Is this the kind of adoration she wants? Or maybe the kind of love that she deserves?

  3. 3.

    Another Man's Puppet

    The political system in Cornwall is on the verge of distruption. The charge is being led by Lord Francis Bassett, who has his eye on a new candidate for change: Ross Poldark!

    But Ross is not keen to be at the mercy of any man, and especially not a politician. He politely refuses the request to run for office.

    This refusal prompts Lord Bassett to extend his offer to another candidate: George Warleggan.

  4. 4.

    Aunt Agatha Spills the Tea

    When George cruelly cancels her birthday party, Aunt Agatha goes on the offensive. She hit George with her most destructive ammunition: the legitimacy of his child Valentine. If he was born early, why was he so healthy? If George is not his father, then who?

    George leaves in a panic, now questioning every aspect of his “perfect” life.

  5. 5.

    A Sad Day in Cornwall

    Aunt Agatha dies quickly and quietly at Trenwith, still clinging to the hope of reaching her 100th birthday.

    George refuses to give her a proper funeral, instructing Tholly (Cornwall’s new gravedigger) to bury her without pomp or circumstance. Luckily, Tholly reaches Ross in time for him to pay respect to his aunt.

    Ross swears that George will pay for his indecency. It would appear the Poldark-Warleggan rivalry is alive and well.

Only two episodes left in Season 3! Stay tuned next Sunday at 9/8c for more Poldark.


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