Victoria’s Cast & Creator Tease Season 3

Never mind the history books—if you’re curious about what to expect in Victoria Season 3, look no further! Writer and creator Daisy Goodwin, Jenna Coleman (Victoria), Ferdinand Kingsley (Francatelli) and David Oakes (Ernest) offer tantalizing teasers about what’s in the cards for Victoria‘s romantic royals, its star-crossed lovers, and its newly-engaged chocolate-connoisseur couple.

Jenna Coleman

MASTERPIECE: Anything you can say to tease us about Season 3?
COLEMAN: We’re going to be coming at a place of instability within the monarchy; we take for granted that the monarchy was always secure, when it wasn’t. Victoria [will] be at the center of all of that and feel the rift with her people. And we haven’t even got to the Great Exhibition yet!

We very much leave the Christmas special in a lovely place—Albert says to Victoria, “We’re not children anymore” and she replies, “No, we are not.” It’s is very much a feeling that they’ve been through so much; the fourth child is on the way, they’re only still entering their mid-twenties, but I feel there’s definitely a feeling of resolution. And a feeling that we’re on to the next chapter now.

We’ve grown up with them, we’ve been through the courtship, the early years of their marriage, and now we’re moving into more the middle of their reign together. Albert comes much more to the fore with his ideas and his ambitions for the country. Photography comes in, and of course, we’re going have a new Prime Minister. There’s a lot of changes at play—there’s so much to tease there!

Daisy Goodwin
MASTERPIECE: Can you share any hints about Season 3?
GOODWIN: I think there’s going to be a very unexpected arrival at the royal court. You think Victoria’s an only child, but actually, she has a sister. I don’t know if I should reveal that, but… you think she’s an only child, but actually, she isn’t. All kinds of drama and intrigue!

Ferdinand Kingsley
MASTERPIECE: Can we dare to hope that Charles and Nancy will defy conventions and be able to remain employed at the palace once they’re married?
KINGSLEY: That’s a big question! It’s hard to keep a secret in that palace. Dare to dream, but don’t bet your house on it being a smooth ride.

MASTERPIECE: Can you share anything to tease us about Season 3?
KINGSLEY: Noooooooo! I’m afraid I genuinely can’t. It’s not a simple situation Charles and Nancy get themselves into at the end of Season 2, so you’ll have to see how they deal with the obstacles that stand in their way. Also I will be playing Queen Victoria.

David Oakes
MASTERPIECE: Can you throw us a shred of hope that Ernest and Harriet aren’t truly star-crossed?
OAKES: All I can say is that Wikipedia isn’t kind to these televisual lovers; we must hope Daisy [Goodwin, Victoria‘s writer and creator] is more forgiving!


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