Where We Left Off

When Victoria Season 2 returns on January 14, 2018 with a special 2-hour premiere, it picks up the action six weeks after the joyous birth of Victoria and Albert’s daughter Vicky. But where did we leave Lord Melbourne and the other characters we grew to love? Get a quick-and-easy refresher with this catch up guide (or just watch Season 1 all over again—details below!)

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    Victoria & Albert

    Where we left off: Huzzah! Queen Victoria has survived both an assassination attempt and childbirth. And so with the successful birth of their daughter Vicky, it’s out of the honeymoon for our romantic royals, and on to the babymoon. Which, for our fiery young queen, means “confinement.” This can’t end well…

    We are not amused: While the miserable pregnancy (with its prescribed consumption of vital organs) ended with Vicky’s birth, there’s still no quick return on the horizon to two of Victoria’s favorite activities, riding and dancing.

    We are amused: With his allowance and his Knight of the Garter title in hand, Albert can enjoy his wife, his new baby, and the friendship of his fellow train enthusiast, Peel. And Victoria, having survived childbirth and produced an heir, can look forward to mothering and ruling an empire!

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    Lord Melbourne

    Where we left off: It’s not uncommon to cry at a wedding, but you may be among the multitudes who cried after Victoria and Albert’s wedding, when the queen and her beloved mentor said their heartbreaking farewells.

    We are not amused: Lord M is now firmly planted even farther outside of the friend zone, in the cherished former advisor zone.

    We are amused: Though the Whigs don’t make a return to power in Season 2, it looks like Lord Melbourne might make a return to Victoria!

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    Ernest & Harriet

    Where we left off: After a tension-charged hankie exchange and even a kiss, this beautiful duo seems as star-crossed as ever.

    We are not amused: Life’s simple amusements—piano, archery, sketching—seem empty when true love cannot be fulfilled!

    We are amused: Ernest demonstrated that he’s even more than a reformed cad—he’s become an honorable man because of Harriet, from whom he could have “taken everything,” but instead asked only for a lock of hair.

  4. 4.

    Francatelli & Skerrett

    Where we left off: A stolen kiss, an invitation to accompany the chef in his new culinary adventure, and a proposal to become Mrs. Francatelli tempted Skerrett, but her cynical cousin Eliza talked her out of it. When Skerrett rejected the offer, our crushed, dessert-genius Romeo fled the palace without saying goodbye.

    We are not amused: How dare fallen Eliza—who, by the way, never turned down any of the Francatelli treats that Skerrett delivered—destroy the beautiful, creative partnership that elevated chocolate from mere ingredient to hot topping of the gods?

    We are amused: …to find ourselves invested in a relationship that began with Francatelli’s slightly sinister light-stalking. Blame the chocolate, but those two really belong together.

Catch an encore presentation of Victoria, Season 1 airing Sundays, December 17 through January 7 on MASTERPIECE on PBS (check local listings). Individual episodes will be available online for free public streaming for 7 days beginning the day after broadcast at pbs.org/masterpiece. See the full first season anytime on PBS Passport at pbs.org/getpassport. PBS Passport is an added benefit available to eligible donors of participating PBS stations.


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