Fact or Fiction: Inside Episode 3

Did Victoria really throw a glass of wine in Albert’s face? (Real Housewives of Isle of Wight, anyone?) According to Victoria‘s writer, creator, and executive producer Daisy Goodwin, this juicy display of temper is true! Find out which other details from Episode 3 of Victoria Season 3 are fact, and which are fiction.

  1. 1.

    Fact or Fiction: Palmerston was involved in an amorous room-switch.

    Fact: Yes, that’s based on a real thing that happened in Windsor Castle. He did go into the wrong room and there was a huge drama about it. Albert did find out, and it’s one of the many things that Albert held against him.

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    Fact or Fiction: Victoria and Albert fought about staying at Osborne vs returning to London.

    Fiction: I think that Osborne was always Albert’s place, but I think we slightly exaggerated [the tension between them about being there] for the purposes of drama. There’s no doubt that Victoria liked being there, but she also liked being queen, and it was quite difficult to be queen there.

  3. 3.

    Fact or Fiction: Victoria threw a drink in Albert's face.

    Fact: Yes, she did. She doesn’t write about it but there’s a contemporary account from one of the courtiers saying that it happened. I mean they had a very…ding dong relationship; it was not the sort of submissive thing that we’re led to believe in.

  4. 4.

    Fact or Fiction: Victoria had a near-drowning incident when swimming.

    Fiction: No, that again is a bit of dramatic license. But she did go swimming.
    Note: Sadly, neither did she say, in real life, the excellent line, “The Queen is not a fish.”

  5. 5.

    Fact or Fiction: Albert worried about Bertie's intellectual capacities.

    Fact: Yes, he definitely did. It’s really sad, because Vicky was this paragon, this precocious, could-do-everything child, could speak several languages, and poor Bertie couldn’t really do anything, and I think was dyslexic, and had all these problems, and Albert was really worried that that would be his legacy, really. So that was sad. Poor Bertie, he was always a disappointment to his parents.



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