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You don’t have to be a member of Victoria’s court to get access to the regals, rogues, and regulars who will walk the halls of Buckingham Palace and drive the plots, intrigues, and romances this season. Meet the new characters of Victoria Season 3 and the actors who play them! #VictoriaPBS

Princess Feodora of Leiningen (Kate Fleetwood)
When this wily wildcard makes an unexpected visit to the palace, not everyone is thrilled. Feodora, Victoria’s half-sister, was dispatched from Kensington Palace to marry a penniless German prince when Victoria was just nine years old. Decades later, old resentments persist…for both the exiled, elder sister and the deserted, younger one.

Feodora is played by the Tony and Olivier award-nominated actress Kate Fleetwood. A veteran of the stage and screen, Fleetwood began her acting career at the Royal Shakespeare Company as a child, and was most recently seen in the TV series Harlots and the mini-series War & Peace.

Lord Palmerston (Laurence Fox)
The charming, roguish foreign secretary Lord Palmerston—a thorn in Victoria’s side and an utter delight to watch—is played by Laurence Fox. You won’t want to miss a moment of Palmerston’s gunboat diplomacy, palace intrigues, and House of Commons shenanigans!

Laurence Fox (Gosford Park, A Room with a View) couldn’t be more different here than his coolly intellectual Inspector Lewis character, DI Hathaway, whom he portrayed through countless murders, intellectual puzzles, crises of faith, and pints, over eight seasons. Part of the Fox family acting dynasty, he’s the son of James Fox and nephew of Edward Fox—both British legends and MASTERPIECE alums in their own right, and cousin of Freddie Fox, seen on MASTERPIECE in Inspector Lewis and Any Human Heart.

Duchess Sophie of Monmouth (Lily Travers)
Victoria’s new Mistress of the Robes, Sophie, is happy to spend time at the palace…and away from her cruel, arrogant husband. Bereft of her young son, who is sent away to school by the Duke, the love-starved beauty is seeking tenderness. But beware in whose arms she might find it!

Lily Travers has appeared in the Doctor Who episode “Twice Upon a Time,” the period drama Viceroy’s House, and the feature films Kingsman: The Secret Service and Me Before You.

Abigail Turner (Sabrina Bartlett)
Striving to get the vote for England’s working men, this Chartist seamstress has a strong moral code and strong opinions…which she’s certainly not too shy to share! But when her needlework brings her in contact with the palace, those very opinions might just have an impact.

Sabrina Bartlett has appeared in a number of period dramas, most notably to MASTERPIECE fans in Poldark, as Dwight Enys’ best-if-we-forget-about-this-now, Season 1 paramour, Keren Daniels. Among her other roles, she appeared in a very important role in Arya Stark’s journey in Game of Thrones.

Joseph Weld (David Burnett)
Buckingham Palace’s newest footman, Joseph, was the youngest man ever to be made footman in his previous position at Chatsworth. But as Penge (who takes an immediate dislike to the strapping young man) doesn’t hesitate to point out, the Palace is most decidedly not Chatsworth. Will he survive under Penge’s watchful eye when a beautiful member of Victoria’s court catches his eye?

David Burnett returns to MASTERPIECE after a turn in the 2016 Endeavour episode, “Prey.” He’s since spent much of his time on stage, in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Antony and Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, and Titus Andronicus.

Prince Bertie (Laurie Shepherd) & Princess Vicky (Louisa Bay)
You’ve met them before, but this season, Albert’s intellectual mini-me , Vicky, and Victoria’s impulsive mini-me, Bertie, are older, with more screen time and loads of personality.

Victoria’s writer and creator Daisy Goodwin enjoyed writing for the Prince and Princess, and adores actors Laurie Shepherd and Louisa Bay, saying, “The great thing about having children in the series is that they can say the things that nobody else dares to say. And they’re such brilliant actors, the two of them…Laurie, who plays Bertie, just wants to play with the servants for the rest of his life—he’s Mad King! And Louisa was a child I’d met, so I knew she’d be right for Vicky. She’d never acted before, so I cast her as Vicky, and she’s brilliant.”

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