Victoria Season 2 Locations

Do you dream of escaping to the lavish gardens and drawing rooms of Victoria? Now’s your chance! Explore the breathtaking estates, cathedrals, and coastal towns used in Season 2 with MASTERPIECE’s list of Victoria filming locations. Learn more about the history that makes each location as special and unique as Victoria herself.

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    Harewood House

    Located in Yorkshire, Harewood House is often used as a stand-in for Buckingham Palace. The 250-year-old home’s lavish interiors provided the perfect backdrop for sumptuous balls, elaborate dinners, and more!

    Princess Victoria visited Harewood House in 1835, and it remains the current home of one of the Queen’s descendents.

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    Beverley Minster

    Special occasion? Head to Beverley Minster! When the Victoria cast and crew needed to film a wedding, christening, or other large event, they often used Beverley Minster as a stand-in for Westminster Abbey.

    This Gothic style parish church features soaring ceilings, stained glass, and stone carvings, which give it the presence to carry some of the series’ most important scenes.

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    Wentworth Woodhouse

    After being closed for over 25 years, the Wentworth Woodhouse is now open to the public! Visitors can take a tour of this grand estate that Victoria uses for scenes in Buckingham and Kensington Palaces.

    According to The Guardian, a young Princess Victoria once stayed at Wentworth Woodhouse and described it as, “…an immense house, it would be impossible for me to attempt even to give anything like a description of it.”

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    Blair Castle

    If you were swept away by Victoria’s adventure in Scotland, you’ll be happy to know that you can visit the real-life location! Blair Castle in Perthshire was visited by the real Queen Victoria many times, and is currently part of Atholl Estates–a 145,000 acre location complete with mountains, rivers, and the 30-room castle.

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    Harlaxton Manor

    When the cast and crew of Victoria Season 2 needed to escape to France, they instead traveled to this sprawling manor in east central England.

    The manor has been featured in many feature films, including The Ruling Class, The Last Days of Patton, The Haunting, and others. When it’s not being used as a film or television location, Harlaxton House doubles as a university, acting as a satellite center for the University of Evansville, Indiana.

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    When Queen Victoria christened the HMS Trafalgar at the start of Season 2, or when Her Majesty landed in France for a royal visit, viewers were actually in the quaint, seaside town of Hartlepool.

    The location houses the National Museum of the Royal Navy, which includes a historically-accurate 1800s quayside and the HMS Trincomalee, the oldest warship still afloat in the UK.


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