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Katy Sullivan

Katy Sullivan

Katy Sullivan was born without legs and has walked on prosthetics all her life. As a child she tried gymnastics and swimming, but eventually decided sports were frustrating because she wasn’t winning.

So she turned her energy to acting, getting a degree at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, and going on to work on stage, on television, and in the movies. She’s played everything from the lead in “Hedda Gabler” to roles on “Nip and Tuck” and “My Name is Earl.”

In 2004 Katy moved to Los Angeles for her acting career – and then found herself moving in a different direction when she received her first pair of custom-made running legs. With the new carbon graphite prosthetics, she found herself running – and then running faster. When there are no other bilateral above-knee women competing, Sullivan races against women with one biological leg and one above-knee amputation.

Her wins at the 2007 Paralympic National Championships unofficially broke the world record for 200m, taking almost half a second off a time that had stood for 9 years. But injuries slowed her down in 2008 and she didn’t make the Beijing team.

This year, Sullivan won the US Paralympic Championship in the 100m dash and is training to earn her spot on Team USA for London.

Katy is married to the “awesome and hilarious” (her words) Jay Cramer, director of performing arts at Racho los Amigos National Rehab Center. Performing with the patients at the Center, Katy says, reminds her of her younger self, when “I would do ANYTHING to be involved with even the smallest project. I just wanted to perform.”

Katy will be blogging for MEDAL QUEST in April and May. Her personal website is, and she also blogs at

She tweets at @kbridgets under the motto “There are plenty of things that a person should not be able to do when they are born without their legs. For some reason I never seemed to get that memo.”

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