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FROM: Sabra Hawkes ,Track and Field

Hi, my name is Sabra Hawkes. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, which affects only my left side.  Never heard of it?  Cerebral Palsy, commonly referred to as "CP," is a neurological disorder (not a disease) that is non-progressive and non-contagious, and that affects motor function in different parts of the body. CP varies in severity. I was fortunate to be born with one of the most mild forms. 

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FROM: Kari MillerSitting Volleyball


The last training camp before LONDON!!!!

This was It -- the last camp where all of us would come together before leaving for Europe!! It started if off with an early morning meeting where we got our credentials.  I just have to say, the picture of me on my credential reminds me of a gelfling from “The Dark Crystal.”  OH WELL… It's really real, and I’m really going!  

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A Preview of London’s Top Swimming Races?

In the 2011 IPC European Championships, the women swimmers competing in the 200m medley (SM6) included world record holders and top medal contenders for London.

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“The wheelchair has taught me so much.”

Ileana Rodriguez was a dancer in Cuba before a spinal cord injury.  "All of us have challenges in our life," she says.

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Ileana Rodriguez's Blog

FROM: Ileana RodriguezSwimming

Swimming has consumed most of my time for the past four years.

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2011 New Zealand – Women’s 400m Wheelchair Racing

At the 2011 World Championships, the women’s 400m wheelchair racing finals saw a field of three Americans, three Chinese, and two Australians.

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"You’re trying to hit that perfect mark."

Equestrian Wendy Fryke describes her sport as a combination of floor gymnastics and ballet – on a horse.

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For those of you I may not know, my name is Anjali Forber-Pratt. I am a Paralympic wheelchair racer who trains at the University of Illinois. Beijing 2008 was my first Paralympic Games and I was thrilled to come home with bronze medals in both the 400m and the 4x100m relay. And now, I am officially a proud member of Team USA headed to London 2012 to compete in the 100m, 200m and 400m! 

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Smashing His Own World Record

In Beijing 2008, swimmer Rudy Garcia-Tolson set a world record in the morning heats that qualified him for the finals in the 200m men's individual medley.

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"An Amazing Journey"

Swimmer Rudy Garcia-Tolson  looks at the Paralympics as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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FROM: Rudy Garcia-Tolsonswimming

Hey everyone, I wanna thank Medal Quest for having me.

I just got back from Paralympic Track & Field Trials and had a great meet, ended up on the London squad.  I will have a full schedule in London with swimming as well! 

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"I can represent my country again."

Paralympic archer Russell Wolfe says he "searched for years to find my way" after an accident ended his military career.

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