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“How did it go?” and “Did you medal?” are the two most common questions I am encountering lately.

As an athlete, it is far more exciting to brag about moments of success, and it’s easier for fans and spectators to rally behind you in those times of victory. So what happens when you have a tough race, and well-intentioned people ask, “How’d it go?”

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Pre-London Paralympic Games: Training Camp

The Travel 

In today’s world, we all dread flying. What happens if my bags get lost? How much does it cost to check this? What if there is a delay? Take all of these questions, multiply the number of bags by 3, the level of importance by 30 and the chaos that ensues when a large team of disabled athletes travel together by 300.    

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Here's a picture of the 2012 Track and Field team: 58 athletes, including four guide athletes, making us the largest sports delegation in Team USA.  I'm in the front row, center.

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For those of you I may not know, my name is Anjali Forber-Pratt. I am a Paralympic wheelchair racer who trains at the University of Illinois. Beijing 2008 was my first Paralympic Games and I was thrilled to come home with bronze medals in both the 400m and the 4x100m relay. And now, I am officially a proud member of Team USA headed to London 2012 to compete in the 100m, 200m and 400m! 

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